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Initial Thoughts on Growing Room’s “Literary Gatekeepers & Accountability” Panel

Usually I like to take a lot of time to process my thoughts after panels and workshops. However, with all these thoughts running around my head, I wanted to at least record some of the initial discussion that took place… Continue Reading →

Review: Grammarly service proofreads and advises

Grammarly is an automated online proofreader that calls itself a “grammar coach”. With an account—which does cost a monthly fee—you upload your text and then run a quick scan. There are free 7-day trial memberships, but I was provided with temporary… Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossom Yarn Bombing Prep

A couple months ago I saw a tweet from Leanne Prain, one of the authors of the book Yarn Bombing: The Art of Knit and Crochet Graffiti. The tweet linked to the yarn bombing website and said they were organizing… Continue Reading →

‘Only’ for the Grammar Geeks

I found this neat bit of grammar trivia when I was cleaning up some editing handouts I got during the SFU Writing & Publishing Program. I thought it was neat (because I am a grammar geek) and I think learning… Continue Reading →

BookCamp Vancouver 2010

Friday was the second annual BookCamp Vancouver and it was a great day with a diverse crowd and thought-provoking discussions. BookCamp is an unconference where attendees pitch ideas for presentations and discussions. If you’re at a session and decide you’d… Continue Reading →

Quotes on Editors

I haven’t been blogging much because… well a number of reasons. One of which is that I am in my final course for the SFU Writing & Publishing Program. I am in a certificate program for editing. While looking through… Continue Reading →

FreelanceCamp Vancouver

A few weekends ago I attended the first ever FreelanceCamp Vancouver at The Network Hub downtown. This was very well-spent $10 admission, but with an unconference style only some of the talks appealed to me. The first talk I attended… Continue Reading →

BookCamp Vancouver 2009

The inaugural BookCamp Vancouver was organized by Monique Trottier of Boxcar Marketing, Nick Bouton of, Sean Cranbury of Books on the Radio, John Maxwell of SFU’s publishing program, and Morgan Cowie from BookNet Canada. BookCamp Vancouver was an incredible… Continue Reading →

How many F’s are there?

Count how many times the letter F occurs in the following sentence: FROZEN FOODS ARE THE RESULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF REFRIGERATION. . . . . . . . . . . . How many… Continue Reading →

Punctuate for Fun

Take a moment and copy and paste this into a blank document then punctuate it with commas and periods (full stops) until you are satisfied with the message. Capitalize letters where necessary. (Be ready to paste it as a comment!)… Continue Reading →

“Write constantly, as though your life depended on it.”

She stepped up to the podium ready to impress them all. Rows of students dotted the horizon and directly in front of her sat the professors. She froze. Looking to the professors, she licked her lips then pressed them together… Continue Reading →

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