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Initial Thoughts on Growing Room’s “Literary Gatekeepers & Accountability” Panel

Usually I like to take a lot of time to process my thoughts after panels and workshops. However, with all these thoughts running around my head, I wanted to at least record some of the initial discussion that took place… Continue Reading →

Are you wearing a Pink Shirt today?

Today is Anti-Bullying Day 2013, celebrated on the last Wednesday in February here in Canada. It is also called “Pink Shirt Day” as a symbol to stand against bullying. Started in 2007, the first event was organized by two young… Continue Reading →

Crafty Projects = Home Improvement

I have three crafty projects to share with you, all home improvement related! 1. Sewing new pillows for the couch A while ago I moaned about my pillow predicament. I am happy to say I’ve solved at least a part… Continue Reading →

Happy Canada Day

As you may know, I am Canadian. And while Canada is not without its problems and issues (as is every country), I am still very proud to be a Canadian. Today, July 1st, is Canada Day and the country is… Continue Reading →

There and Back Again: A Roadtrip Story

At the end of August, we took an incredible and slightly impromptu roadtrip to Banff, Alberta and back. I’ve been wanting to explore more of British Columbia as I only remember bits and pieces from our roadtrips as a kid…. Continue Reading →

En Guarde at Cascadia North

Last-last weekend I made the snap decision to go to Cascadia North Accolade Tournament. I’ve been learning to swordfight and this annual event is a swordplay retreat organized by a group of volunteers from the Western Martial Arts school I… Continue Reading →

SOAR-ing away to Agassiz with the Girl Guides of Canada

I had the good fortune to respond to a request for knitting teachers and ended up as a Core Staff member for the Girl Guides’ Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous (SOAR) 2011 last week. The position was volunteer and it wasn’t… Continue Reading →

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s been a weeeeird year for weather here. Uncommonly cold January and February then a short burst of lovely weather in April and May. Now we’re having a really dismal June and July. I hope August clears up because I… Continue Reading →

Quick Update on Real Life

I cannot believe it’s already the second week of July! It feels like time is flying by fast. I’ve been up to nothing much, but at the same time a lot. Do you ever get the feeling you’re accomplishing nothing,… Continue Reading →

Happy Canada Day

Today is Canada Day, and this weekend is also the 4th of July in the USA… so North America is celebrating this weekend! I just want to say how proud I am to be a Canadian (despite certain political things… Continue Reading →

Housekeeping… err Blogkeeping?

Updates on a variety of fronts! Books: I’ve finished Voyager by Diana Gabaldon and need to write up a review. Before that I read a few graphic novels that I need to post reviews for. Now I’m into the second… Continue Reading →

Insert Witty Title Here

Day to day, as I browse the web, I find awesome things I like to share. Sometimes I share them via Facebook or Twitter, and other times, they deserve a round-up post. Here are a couple great things I’d like… Continue Reading →

Why I will be at SlutWalk Vancouver today

The very first SlutWalk happened in April of this year in Toronto, but it has since taken local, national and even international media by storm. SlutWalks are popping up all over major cities in Canada, USA and across Europe in… Continue Reading →

Fantastic time at Northern Voice 2011

We laughed, we cried, we chatted, collaborated, brainstormed, and solved problems. Northern Voice 2011 was an incredible event and I had a lot of fun. Friday morning began with a touching tribute to Derek K. Miller who was a prominent… Continue Reading →

Dear Canadians, Go VOTE!

Warning: This post contains politics. Over the past five years, the Conservative Party and Stephen Harper have screwed up a lot for our country. Among some of the worst are: cut foreign aid funding and peacekeeping forces (and subsequently were… Continue Reading →

April: A Month of Books, Busyness and Blossoms

April is the crazy month at work, hence the silence on the blog. But, fear not, I have a huge update and lots of good things to share. So grab a cuppa something nice and sit back. First, let’s get… Continue Reading →

Going “All Natural”: Avoiding Chemicals in Bodycare Products

There has been a huge consumerism shift towards local, organic, and all-natural products, and I am not immune. I’ve mentioned offhand the dietary issues I’ve been having, and so I am looking to cut out extremely processed foods in my… Continue Reading →

Bed Wedge Pillow from CSN Stores

I was approached a few months ago by CSN Stores about doing a product review. I had noticed the reviews around the blogosphere and was curious to check out the products. A number of book bloggers had selected book cases… Continue Reading →

Celebrating female characters on International Women’s Day

Today, March 8, 2011 is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. I could easily spend hours listing female authors, friends and family, as well as artists and contributors who shaped the woman I’ve become. But instead, to honour the… Continue Reading →

Winter Cycle on the West Dyke Trail

Last Sunday I loaded up my bike and headed out to Richmond to meet my bookish-friend Abby for a cycle along the West Dyke Trail. In the summer I’d done the South Dyke Trail solo and Abby mentioned later that… Continue Reading →

Happy Catmas

Henry + Sassafras + Abby = Catmas Hope everyone has a lovely holiday season (whatever you celebrate). I’ll be celebrating Catmas!

Carol Ships Harbour Tour

Earlier in December, my friend BW and I went on a Carol Ship tour with Vancouver Cruises. We enjoyed sight-seeing the most. Vancouver’s harbour looks completely different all lit up for night. Unfortunately my camera died abut 20 minutes into… Continue Reading →

Green Books Campaign

Today, Wednesday, November 10, 2010, is the second annual Green Books Campaign . Two hundred bloggers from around the world will simultaneously publish book reviews of “green” books. This campaign was started by Eco-Libris, a company supporting eco-conscious publishing, to… Continue Reading →

General Random Stuff

Sit down, grab a coffee, because here are some quick updates all at once. Some don’t need individual blog posts, some are long-overdue updates. I’ve joined the Festivus Swap on our local Ravelry meetup group. Must shop and knit for… Continue Reading →

Day to Day

Things have been pretty busy here the past couple weeks at chez Monnibo. This post is going to be a mish-mash of many things. We went to Spanish Banks on Saturday and met some friends for dinner. When the tide… Continue Reading →

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