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Whiskers on Wednesday

Cardboard Box Bed

No, I didn’t buy an entire flat of mini cucumbers. I used the box to bring home Costco groceries because they don’t do bags. Personally I don’t see how the corner of a cardboard box is comfortable, but Henry loves… Continue Reading →

Cat Saddle

Okay, nobody is actually riding Henry, but it’s fun to put stuff on him while he runs around the apartment. It was so hard to get a photos because he was really excited and kept rubbing up against my leg… Continue Reading →

Sophisticated Kitty

Would you like to join us for a spot of tea? Happy Whiskers on Wednesday everyone!

Fun Fur

Don’t worry knitters, this isn’t a post about eyelash yarn; it’s Whiskers on Wednesday for crying out loud! Please note: actual results may vary… scratches, bites, and or hisses may ensue. Use at your own risk. The FURminator is a… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Canada

Yesterday was Canada Day, and while it was as eventful as last year, I still had a good time. I went for a walk in my red dress, got lots of compliments, some hoots and hollers. And I went shutterbug-happy;… Continue Reading →

She Knits! And Paints!

On Tuesday I met Chelle (and her new guide Faye) for a bit of knitting at Tree’s Coffee. I had to prove that I have actually knit, so here are the lovely seven rows of garter stitch that I did… Continue Reading →

Couch Potato

Henry has never been a couch-cuddler. He used to avoid the couch like the plague, and I always thought it was because he’d always get booted off by someone (usually Dad). Well, with the new apartment, he has turned into… Continue Reading →

Whiskers on Saturday

So a few weeks ago I moved into my own apartment (before and after photos to come) and earlier this week I moved the boys — Chico and Henry. Chico adapted very well and quite quickly, as he didn’t really… Continue Reading →

Mister Loyalty

This weekend I moved about 85% of my belongings to the new apartment. However, Henry and Chico will be the very last to move. While I was packing and loading the van, we had Henry locked in my parents’ room… Continue Reading →

Bamboo nom nom nom

Dis is where she keepz da bamboo Hurry up Mommy! I can’t reach the good stuffz on my own no more! That one looks tasty… nom nom nom nom nom nom nom kthxbai!

Mean Kitty Song (aka Hey Little Sparta)

I found this video ages ago, and every so often I’ll go into my YouTube favourites and just watch it again. I think Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams is an amusing filmmaker (of SMP Films) and I really enjoy the Mean… Continue Reading →

Whiskery Meet & Greet

Henry has always known Chico — I’ve had Chico for approximately 9 years, and Henry is only 3. It’s odd to think about that because of how much larger Henry is! When Henry was a kitten he would jump up… Continue Reading →

Chinchilla has Whiskers… on Wednesday

Chico has whiskers so he should be an honourary member of Whiskers on Wednesday… what do you think Jessi? Hehhe anyway, Petcetera is unfortunately going out of business, but that means that their stock is 20%-70% of everything! So I… Continue Reading →

Exercises with Henry

I am very proud of myself; I did my exercise DVD today after work. And Henry was very helpful and did some stretches too. What a productive Whiskers on Wednesday!

This Week…

So I nearly forgot Whiskers on Wednesday, because my week has been like this: Very frustrating to say the least.

Stopping to Smell the Flowers

All I want to do is sleep…

I wish I was a cat; they’ve got thee life. It’s been one of those weeks, and it’s only Wednesday! But instead of going on about all the minor hiccups in life (that make everything seem like too much to… Continue Reading →

Sassafrass Poses

My week has been a bit rushed so far (juggling work & personal & school & fun) so here is a late Whiskers on Wednesday. I tried to get some photos of Sassafrass (my sister’s kitten) in some of her… Continue Reading →

Favourite Daytime Spot

With the duvet doubled over and the window open.

My SnuggleBug

I realized that for most of my Whiskers on Wednesday posts, and my general Henry posts… I usually let the photos tell the story and I just commentate. I decided that I need to mix things up a bit, give… Continue Reading →

Forlorn or Relaxed?

Here are some photos I snapped over the past couple weeks of Henry. For the most part I know he’s a happy cat, he has food, water, love, and many soft places to sleep. However he has this really weird… Continue Reading →

Just an ordinary Henry-filled day

Things have been low-key for Henry and I around here for the past week. I haven’t taken any extremely special photos, nor has he done anything especially adorable. Last night we did have a nap together… but I had to… Continue Reading →

Squishy’s BlanketPad

If your cat or dog is like my Henry, his (or her) fur accumilates wherever they decide to bed down often. For me, that’s my bed, beside my head. And for the longest while, I just put a blanket down… Continue Reading →

6th Photo Meme – Version CAT

Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture. Hope that you remember the details. Tag 5 others. (Nope! Can’t make me) Yay! How excited are we that we’re home to snuggle Henry! While the goodbyes are always… Continue Reading →

Cat Olympics: High Jump

It’s Mariessa again, back for another round of Cat Olympics. In addition to fetch, Mariessa is an experienced High Jumper! Just watch:

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