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Whiskers on Wednesday: Photos Galore

Henry takes over the couch pillows This is an older photo, but so good. My sister's cat Saasafras looking guilty after killing a flower. Abby is a CatLoaf. My mom got upset and thought I was calling Abby names. Actually,… Continue Reading →

The Cat is My Hat

Did the title make you do a double take? Let me explain. As you can see in this photo, Henry has his own pillow covered with a lovely fleece blanket right beside my pillow. This is because he used to… Continue Reading →

Carol Ships Harbour Tour

Earlier in December, my friend BW and I went on a Carol Ship tour with Vancouver Cruises. We enjoyed sight-seeing the most. Vancouver’s harbour looks completely different all lit up for night. Unfortunately my camera died abut 20 minutes into… Continue Reading →

When the Humans Are Away…

Do you ever wonder what kind of shenanigans and adventures your pets get up to when you’re not home? I can tell you with 99.9% certainty that Henry does exactly this: Happy Whiskers on Wednesday to the other humans out… Continue Reading →

Arrr! Pirate Cat!

Here's winking at you babe ;) Occasionally Henry gets all squinty in one of his eyes. I’ve taken him to the vet and he doesn’t have a scratch on the cornea or anything. I think sometimes he just gets a… Continue Reading →

Dogs on Thursday from across The Pond

CW also sent me these pictures of Oscar, an Old English Sheep Dog. From the sounds of it, he’s excelling on lead and much better behaved during walks than his brother Harvey.

Whiskers from across The Pond

CW sent me some photos of his mum’s cats chilling out at the house. Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!! This is Minstrel. I prefer to call him Poofa because I don’t think his name suits him. He’s the newest edition to… Continue Reading →

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

Formerly a Shell Gas Station located at King Edward and Main Street in Vancouver: A magnet found in Army & Navy department store: A recycling box found in the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library:

Sophisticated Kitty

Would you like to join us for a spot of tea? Happy Whiskers on Wednesday everyone!

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