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FreelanceCamp Vancouver

A few weekends ago I attended the first ever FreelanceCamp Vancouver at The Network Hub downtown. This was very well-spent $10 admission, but with an unconference style only some of the talks appealed to me. The first talk I attended… Continue Reading →

Social Media Carnival – Blog Improvement Project

All over the blogs participating in the Blog Improvement Project, I’ve been hearing about Social Media people use: Twitter, StumbleUpon, Technorati, LibraryThing, GoodReads, Shelfari, Ning networks such as NaBloPoMo or BookBlogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Deli.cious, Digg, YouTube, Reddit, Flickr… really the… Continue Reading →

Blog Maintenance

I’ve done some minor updates around the blog as suggested by the Blog Improvement Project Week 4. Nothing too hefty, just some minor maintenance I’ve been meaning to do. After my rant about Social Media sites, I thought about being… Continue Reading →

Blog Improvement Project: Week 3 [Types of Posts]

This week was all about the different types of posts we write: links, reviews, how-to’s, long, short, etc. Now, I admit to being a one-topic-per-post kinda gal. That’s just the way I like things — organized and slightly obsessive. I’d… Continue Reading →

Blog Improvement Project: Week 2

This week, Kim has brought up the topic about what to blog about; more specifically, brainstorming ideas and what to do when we can’t think of anything to blog about. Well, as you may have noticed, I don’t seem to… Continue Reading →

Blog Improvement Project: Week 1

Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness is hosting the 2009 Blog Improvement Project. I’ve offered to help out in any way I can with HTML/design related inquiries, but for the most part, it’s mainly a discussion and any changes you make will… Continue Reading →

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