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Book Review :: Demon (vol. 1-4) by Jason Shiga

From the curious (and debauched) mind of Jason Shiga, known for high-concept graphic novels, comes Demon: a four-volume magnum opus about the unspeakable chaos that one indestructible man can unleash on the world—and the ridiculous body count he leaves behind…. Continue Reading →

Long-Overdue Book Reviews: Persepolis, A Christmas Carol, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

These book reviews have been lingering for a while, so I figured I’d smoosh them together and call it a post. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens I’m embarrassed to admit that I read this nearly a year ago during… Continue Reading →

Book Review :: Tangles by Sarah Leavitt

Tangles: A Story about Alzheimer’s, My Mother and Me is a graphic novel by Vancouver author and artist, Sarah Leavitt. As the subtitle indicates, it’s the powerful and emotional (true) story of Midge Leavitt’s battle with Alzheimer’s and the effect… Continue Reading →

Book Review :: Essex County by Jeff Lemire

I was shocked as most people to find out that Essex County by Jeff Lemire, a graphic novel, made the Canada Reads list this year. Canada Reads has strict criteria — no short stories, no poetry, fiction only. I was… Continue Reading →

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