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Fantastic time at Northern Voice 2011

We laughed, we cried, we chatted, collaborated, brainstormed, and solved problems. Northern Voice 2011 was an incredible event and I had a lot of fun. Friday morning began with a touching tribute to Derek K. Miller who was a prominent… Continue Reading →

BookCamp Vancouver 2010

Friday was the second annual BookCamp Vancouver and it was a great day with a diverse crowd and thought-provoking discussions. BookCamp is an unconference where attendees pitch ideas for presentations and discussions. If you’re at a session and decide you’d… Continue Reading →

FreelanceCamp Vancouver

A few weekends ago I attended the first ever FreelanceCamp Vancouver at The Network Hub downtown. This was very well-spent $10 admission, but with an unconference style only some of the talks appealed to me. The first talk I attended… Continue Reading →

Northern Voice Conference 2010 – Day 2 (Saturday)

It was really hard to wake up this morning, but I dragged myself up and out to UBC in time for the 9:30am Keynote speech by Chriss Messina. Unfortunately someone mentioned that there would be a WordPress Genius Bar set… Continue Reading →

Northern Voice Conference 2010 – Day 1 (Friday)

Northern Voice is a personal blogging and social media conference held every year in Vancouver. It is celebrating it’s sixth year and is entirely volunteer run. I found out about the conference last year because Lauren (a knitter friend) helps… Continue Reading →

BookCamp Vancouver 2009

The inaugural BookCamp Vancouver was organized by Monique Trottier of Boxcar Marketing, Nick Bouton of, Sean Cranbury of Books on the Radio, John Maxwell of SFU’s publishing program, and Morgan Cowie from BookNet Canada. BookCamp Vancouver was an incredible… Continue Reading →

Social Media Carnival – Blog Improvement Project

All over the blogs participating in the Blog Improvement Project, I’ve been hearing about Social Media people use: Twitter, StumbleUpon, Technorati, LibraryThing, GoodReads, Shelfari, Ning networks such as NaBloPoMo or BookBlogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Deli.cious, Digg, YouTube, Reddit, Flickr… really the… Continue Reading →

Blog Maintenance

I’ve done some minor updates around the blog as suggested by the Blog Improvement Project Week 4. Nothing too hefty, just some minor maintenance I’ve been meaning to do. After my rant about Social Media sites, I thought about being… Continue Reading →

All Social Media-ed Out

I’ve been working on getting the blog “out there”… and I am shocked and just how many damn social networking sites are out there! I transferred my blog from Feedburner to Feedburner-owned-by-Google, and included a little “readers” button… now I… Continue Reading →

Blog Improvement Project: Week 2

This week, Kim has brought up the topic about what to blog about; more specifically, brainstorming ideas and what to do when we can’t think of anything to blog about. Well, as you may have noticed, I don’t seem to… Continue Reading →

2008 Weblog Awards Nominations

Accepting Nominations Now! Go put in your two cents… or my blog if you feel so inclined! Just joking! Put in some of the favourite blogs you read — there are regional categories as well as by subject matter. I… Continue Reading →

WordPress Updates

I just updated to 2.6.2 a couple days ago, and I don’t notice anything different. So today I was looking at the WP Development Blog (read: I subscribe to the feed). They were talking about the release for 2.7 in… Continue Reading →

New Nano! Genius!

When I saw the new Apple iPod Nanos, I wanted them so badly! The blue one is absolutely gorgeous and finally more than 8GB — they’re all available in 16GB. Then I watched the new demo video and was introduced… Continue Reading →

Worldwide Developers Conference

Today was the Keynote speech (click here to see the video) from Steve Jobs of Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2008 in San Francisco. The rumours about the release of the third-generation iPhone were confirmed, as well as inklings… Continue Reading →

Apple in Vancouver

May 24th, 2008 marked the opening of Apple’s 5th store in Canada, and the first store on the West Coast. It’s downtown in Pacific Centre and the first 1000 people through the doors that morning got a free tshirt. I… Continue Reading →

Ugh WP 2.5.1

I’m still getting HTTP Error when the Add Media Images tries to crunch my photos. This is gonna make me sooo angry. I dealt with it when it was the initial release (2.5) but 2.5.1 was supposed to fix these… Continue Reading →

Wow people were not joking!

I just upgraded my server to WP-2.5 from v.2.3.3 … and WOW it’s crazy looking and the interface is really slow. Word to the wise (if you haven’t upgraded your server yet): disable your plug-ins! I forgot and it caused… Continue Reading →

Back in Business Baby

Everything is fixed. The blog is no longer broken. Sorry if I scared you…. it scared me too!

I swear I didn’t do it…

My comments have stopped being sent to my email. Cass, did you do something? Her comments stopped working too but she is on AOsmell (AOL)…. so if you’ve left a comment since February 28th, I’m looking into the problem and… Continue Reading →

Webware Awards

WordPress is a finalist in the Publishing & Photography category for the Webware awards. Go vote for your favourite. Now, I’m a bit of a web-geek so I’m not trying to “convert” you… but I thought it would be fun… Continue Reading →

NEW Macbook Air

All information provided by Apple Store (Canada). (Prices I’ve written are in CAD$) General Specs: 13-inch LED screen Intel Core 2 Duo processor $1,899.00 (80GB 4200-rpm PATA hard drive, 1.6GHz) or $3,248.00 (64GB solid-state drive, 1.8GHz) 2GB memory Built-in Wi-Fi… Continue Reading →

Okay I lied…

I didn’t realize but comments aren’t working yet. I must have played around tooooo much because they were working when I first uploaded the blog. Crap. Give us a minute — hold your thoughts! [EDIT: 10:33pm] I fixed it –… Continue Reading →


So here’s the full story: I have moved my blog from (formerly to my own domain with WordPress software (see: the difference between and Now comes the hard part – I’m usually very good with installations… Continue Reading →

Frustrated, yet updating

Okay, so you know that vague “I’m considering moving” post that I wrote… but said I would never betray WordPress. Well things make me want to betray WordPress, but there is no other blogging software that I love. I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Maybe Moving…

Yep, you heard correctly – I might be moving! No…. not physically… virtually! I might be moving my blog. Stay tuned for more information. (And just so you know, I would never betray WordPress.) P.S. I’m willing to bet that… Continue Reading →

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