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Where Have You Been?

I know I haven’t posted much on the blog lately, but I’ve been quite the traveller with limited internet access. I’ve seen lots of England, which was my original intention: Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bristol, Bath, Salisbury, Stonehenge, Leeds, and tomorrow the destination… Continue Reading →

Snow Dogs on Thursday

Here are some photos CW and I took of the dogs when it began to snow last week. I really enjoy taking them out and the snow makes it even more fun. Happy Dogs on Thursday! 8 inches of snow… Continue Reading →

Night for All Souls

On Halloween night we decided to head over to Mountain View Cemetery for the 5th Annual Night for All Souls. It started on Friday October 30 as a celebration for the deceased with candles, shrines, flowers, and other personal memorials…. Continue Reading →

Fraser Valley Bead & Jewellery Show

I made it out the Fraser Valley Bead & Jewellery Show on Saturday. It took place at the Cascades Casino and Convention Centre in Langley. I was quite impressed with the show; it wasn’t giant, but it was a decent… Continue Reading →

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

Formerly a Shell Gas Station located at King Edward and Main Street in Vancouver: A magnet found in Army & Navy department store: A recycling box found in the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library:

Dogs on Thursday

I’ve mentioned Elvis the hound dog before, and he is quite well trained when he wants to be. Here is a great video we got of him taking commands for a piece of salmon skin. CW is dog-sitting while his… Continue Reading →

Blackberries Gone Wild

That got your attention didn’t it? On Monday, we partook in the 3rd annual picking of wild blackberries. CW and I grab some buckets, put on long pants and sleeves, and trek out into the wild. Okay, so it’s not… Continue Reading →

Illuminares 2009

Although we were practically stormed out for Illuminares, we still made it down to Trout Lake and John Hendry Park to check out the festival. Not many of the lanterns were lit, but before dusk I managed to get some… Continue Reading →

Celebration of Light 2009

Wednesday marked the first night of the HSBC Celebration of Light. For a while there, we didn’t think the firworks were going to happen. But I am proud to say that some Vancouver/Canadian businesses pulled through and the Celebration of… Continue Reading →

Fun Fur

Don’t worry knitters, this isn’t a post about eyelash yarn; it’s Whiskers on Wednesday for crying out loud! Please note: actual results may vary… scratches, bites, and or hisses may ensue. Use at your own risk. The FURminator is a… Continue Reading →

Don’t forget to Honk

We love going to the Twilight Drive-In located in Aldergrove, BC. It is very near to the camp and a great deal ($11.50 per person for 3 movies). The movies start at dusk, and go till 3 or 4 in… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Canada

Yesterday was Canada Day, and while it was as eventful as last year, I still had a good time. I went for a walk in my red dress, got lots of compliments, some hoots and hollers. And I went shutterbug-happy;… Continue Reading →

Car Free Day Vancouver

Today was officially Car Free Day Vancouver. It is celebrated in several communities in Vancouver by shutting down the streets to motor traffic and basically having a great big block party. There is music, food, entertainment, bicycling, demonstrations, and various… Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Music

Here are the bands that I went to go see on Saturday night at Pub340 for St. Paddy’s Day Drunkfest (no joke, that’s what the show was called). Opening was Love for Money; this was the first time I heard… Continue Reading →

Book Review :: Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney

This is a unique cookbook, and although I’m not quite sure if it’s my style, but there are a lot of good ideas for a vegetarian/vegan in here. While I may not use this cookbook, it certainly opens my eyes… Continue Reading →

Snow! In March!

Two weeks until Spring? Really? Oh well, at least I get pretty photography!

Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Mommy Mountain

Many chinchilla owners let their chins romp free in a chin-proofed room. Since chinchillas chew everything and are quite small, you must ensure that there are no electrical wires or small holes for them to get into. My chin-proofed area… Continue Reading →


Dear Weather, please make up your mind… and it better be the right decision (or else!) Earlier this week, it snowed, which always makes the North Shore mountains look gorgeous because the tree tops are dusted with snow. Then near… Continue Reading →

Marshmallow Olympics

This was the creation that I submitted for the Cocoa Swap 2 Marshmallow Contest. It had to be made of only marshmallows and toothpicks (check!) and it had to have some sort of yarn content (knitted speedo! check!). Here is… Continue Reading →

Playing Tour Guide

If you already follow Ruth’s blog, you’ll know that she recently went on vacation and ended up in my neck of the woods. Well that opportunity couldn’t pass us by without meeting up for some knitting, chatting, and sight-seeing. Ruth… Continue Reading →

Why I Love Vancouver

Although I’m starting to get so frustrated with apartment hunting, and so nervous and worried about money… I have to say, I love living in Vancouver. I’m still trying to find an apartment in Vancouver proper (as opposed to Greater… Continue Reading →

Forlorn or Relaxed?

Here are some photos I snapped over the past couple weeks of Henry. For the most part I know he’s a happy cat, he has food, water, love, and many soft places to sleep. However he has this really weird… Continue Reading →

Canadian Book Challenge II update

So I’ve been slacking on the Canadian Book Challenge, mainly because I got distracted. I had set up a list when I decided to participate in the challenge… and since have been enticed by a number of great books. So… Continue Reading →

6th Photo Meme – Version CAT

Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture. Hope that you remember the details. Tag 5 others. (Nope! Can’t make me) Yay! How excited are we that we’re home to snuggle Henry! While the goodbyes are always… Continue Reading →

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