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Bicycling Deas Island Regional Park

Last Friday my mom and I went for a bike ride on Deas Island Regional Park. Highway 99 decends in Delta on Deas Island and travels under the Fraser River to emerge in Richmond. Whenever I return to Vancouver, just… Continue Reading →

Cycling Richmond’s South Dyke Trail

A couple weeks ago, I picked up a bike rack for the trunk of my car and this week I had my handlebars raised on my bike. I also purchased a water bottle holder to attach to my bike and… Continue Reading →

FreelanceCamp Vancouver

A few weekends ago I attended the first ever FreelanceCamp Vancouver at The Network Hub downtown. This was very well-spent $10 admission, but with an unconference style only some of the talks appealed to me. The first talk I attended… Continue Reading →

Triple Feature at the Drive-In

CW arrived on Friday evening aamd we headed out to camp on Saturday to say hello to his family and catch up. We went horseback riding with some friends just before dinner on Saturday. Myself, RB, and KS showing off… Continue Reading →

Northern Voice Conference 2010 – Day 2 (Saturday)

It was really hard to wake up this morning, but I dragged myself up and out to UBC in time for the 9:30am Keynote speech by Chriss Messina. Unfortunately someone mentioned that there would be a WordPress Genius Bar set… Continue Reading →

Northern Voice Conference 2010 – Day 1 (Friday)

Northern Voice is a personal blogging and social media conference held every year in Vancouver. It is celebrating it’s sixth year and is entirely volunteer run. I found out about the conference last year because Lauren (a knitter friend) helps… Continue Reading →

FibresWest 2010

I didn’t go to the first annual FibresWest last year, so on Friday I decided to head out to Abbotsford and take a gander. I dragged Chelle along for the ride and we had a very good time. I am… Continue Reading →

Forensics, Art of Craft, and a Button Birthday Bash

Tuesday night I walked to the Vancouver Police Museum, which is a real hidden gem located in the former Coroner’s Courtroom. I had signed up to participate in their first-ever Forensics for Adults Workshops. Tuesday, March 16 was the first… Continue Reading →

Book Awards Galore!

The BC Book Prizes announced the 2010 Finalists on Thursday, March 11. Yes, this is self-promo since I work with the BC Book Prizes, but I really believe in what we do so I don’t care! There are some great… Continue Reading →

Oscar Predictions (updated with wins)

My friends Nigel, Deepinder, and I have been voting on the Oscars each year since 2003 (I think). One of these days I swear we’re going to have an Oscar party! Bascially we vote beforehand and then keep track who… Continue Reading →

Daytripping to Granville Island

I know this post is a bit late, but a couple weekends ago the BookCrossers went on a daytrip to Granville Island during the Olympics. Our pretense was to deposit books… but I forgot to bring them. Instead, here are… Continue Reading →

Inspecting teh New Arrivalz

We cats must inspect everything that enters our domain. We must approve of it before it is allowed to stay. Recently, mommy brought home these weirdo green things. They don’t taste as good as that bamboo-y stuff at mommy’s mom’s… Continue Reading →

Crocheting Flowers

A few months ago, Sara (aka wenchlette) asked us if we’d make flowers for her wedding bouquet in the summer. Sara has asked the flowers to be purple or teal and prefers natural fibres. Of course we all whole-heartedly agreed…. Continue Reading →

Pink Parade for Breast Cancer Awareness

Chan recently lost a dear friend to breast cancer. Sissy and Gretchen, being the supportive furkids they are, initiated the Pink Parade to help raise awareness for breast cancer. Henry and I decided to help out… unfortunately he doesn’t like… Continue Reading →

Where Have You Been?

I know I haven’t posted much on the blog lately, but I’ve been quite the traveller with limited internet access. I’ve seen lots of England, which was my original intention: Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bristol, Bath, Salisbury, Stonehenge, Leeds, and tomorrow the destination… Continue Reading →

Snow Dogs on Thursday

Here are some photos CW and I took of the dogs when it began to snow last week. I really enjoy taking them out and the snow makes it even more fun. Happy Dogs on Thursday! 8 inches of snow… Continue Reading →

BookCamp Vancouver 2009

The inaugural BookCamp Vancouver was organized by Monique Trottier of Boxcar Marketing, Nick Bouton of, Sean Cranbury of Books on the Radio, John Maxwell of SFU’s publishing program, and Morgan Cowie from BookNet Canada. BookCamp Vancouver was an incredible… Continue Reading →

Audrey Niffenegger at the Writers’ Fest

Last night’s event at the Vancouver International Writer’s Festival was amazing, despite my embarrassing fangirl moment(s). Jerry Wasserman was a fantastic host who had insightful questions, observations, and genuinely connected with Audrey and her work. I was very pleased that… Continue Reading →

Fall Festival Recipe Exchange

My Friend Amy recently came up with this idea to celebrate autumn and all the great foods that go with it. I have to say that Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons (I can never decide which I like… Continue Reading →

Blogging Transparently

Social media has its pros and cons and one of the things we have to be aware of is that things we say and do will stay on the interwebs forever. It is so easy to publish words, thoughts, and… Continue Reading →

Out with the Old…

Goodbye dear couch, I knew thee to be uncomfortable and nigh-impossible to fit into the apartment. Hello new couch! Ye shall soon have an imprint of my butt because you are so comfy. 1. We discovered the old couch had… Continue Reading →

Bonnie’s Beautiful Bonnet

Okay, so the Robin’s Egg Blue knitted hat is a bit of a stretch from “bonnet” … but the alliteration was too great to resist. Ta da! The button is from Button Button and is porcelain and handmade by two… Continue Reading →

Abbotsford Farmers Market & Berrybeats Festival

Sometime last week I decided I really wanted to make it to one of the Farmers Markets happening all over the Lower Mainland. I knew I was going to be at the camp for the weekend, so when I found… Continue Reading →

She Knits! And Paints!

On Tuesday I met Chelle (and her new guide Faye) for a bit of knitting at Tree’s Coffee. I had to prove that I have actually knit, so here are the lovely seven rows of garter stitch that I did… Continue Reading →

Whiskers on Saturday

So a few weeks ago I moved into my own apartment (before and after photos to come) and earlier this week I moved the boys — Chico and Henry. Chico adapted very well and quite quickly, as he didn’t really… Continue Reading →

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