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Initial Thoughts on Growing Room’s “Literary Gatekeepers & Accountability” Panel

Usually I like to take a lot of time to process my thoughts after panels and workshops. However, with all these thoughts running around my head, I wanted to at least record some of the initial discussion that took place… Continue Reading →

Affirmative Art Journaling with Magpie’s Nest

A local community group, Magpie’s Nest Community Art Space, saw my display at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire back in June. They got in touch interested in using the #YASVB project as inspiration to create another series of events. Thus, the… Continue Reading →

Upcoming: Yarn Wranglers and #YASVB at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2016

I’ll be attending the annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire on June 11-12, 2016 at the PNE Forum. 3D Printer Village at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2014 I’ve attended the event a few times and there are always some really neat… Continue Reading →

Madrona Retreat Revelling

Last week I attended my first Madrona Fibre Retreat in Tacoma, WA and had some serious withdrawal symptoms when I got home. I stayed in a giant house with a dozen other fibre friends—fellow knitters, spinners, and weavers. I only… Continue Reading →

Driving the BC Book Prizes On Tour’s Vancouver Island leg

On Sunday I got back from a week on the road up and down Vancouver Island with two authors shortlisted for The BC Book Prizes—Anne Fleming, author of a book of short stories entitled Gay Dwarves of America, and Alan… Continue Reading →

Knitter’s (Orthodox) Festivus

For the past four years, the Terminal City Yarn Wranglers on Ravelry have had a secret Santa-style gift exchange. We originally called it “Festivus Miracle Swap-o-Rama” and I’ve participated every year (2009, 2010, 2011). I wear my gifts with pride… Continue Reading →

Shop Local this Holiday Season: Vancouver Craft Fairs 2012

This week is Buy Local Week in Vancouver, but there is no reason why we can’t buy local whenever possible. Hello Vancity has a great graphic on why buying locally helps communities. As a crafter, I like supporting other local… Continue Reading →

VIFF 2012: No Job for a Woman & A Liar’s Autobiography

I’ve been remiss posting on the blog. Partly because I’ve been busy and uninspired, but also because I’ve also been writing for my university’s student newspaper, The Peak. The Vancouver International Film Festival celebrated their 31st annual event from September… Continue Reading →

This is Halloween, everyone scream

Happy Halloween everybody! This is my favourite holiday… so I go all out. This year I dyed my hair red to complete my Sally costume. My BF even suggested he go as Jack—no coercion required! To make Sally’s dress, I… Continue Reading →

Project Bookmark comes to Vancouver & a tribute dinner to Wayson Choy

Last week I had the honour of volunteering for a tribute dinner to Wayson Choy. The evening was lovely, many childhood friends of Wayson aka “Sonny” spoke, as did individuals from the literary community. The tribute was also a fundraiser… Continue Reading →

The Yarn Harlot Visits Vancouver

I managed to secure a ticket to a public lecture by The Yarn Harlot (aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) presented by KnitSocial. Wednesday night, after a particularly stress-induced day, with some much-needed frozen yogurt, I met up with some friends at the… Continue Reading →

Car Free Day on Main Street & Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

I had a busy couple of weekends this June. On Sunday, June 17th, we went to Car Free Day on Main Street in the afternoon. It doesn’t change much year-to-year, but it was still fun to wander up and down…. Continue Reading →

Great Weekend at Northern Voice 2012

Northern Voice, as I’ve mentioned before, is a conference for personal blogging and social media. It differs from other blogging & social media conferences in that the focus is always on the person, the creator, the storyteller. Most sessions are… Continue Reading →

Festival season kicks off: Looking forward to…

In the next two weeks there is an extraordinary number of community events taking place. Guess that means summer festival season is underway. Now if the weather can just get with the program, that’d be great. Thanks. Anyway, here are… Continue Reading →

Another Successful Year at the Oscars

Last night I went to an Oscar Party at La Fontana Caffé in Burnaby. My friend Marina (who is a huge cinephile) was hosting as part of her local movie meetup group. Part of the fun is filling out a… Continue Reading →

NewsWatch Canada: Top Under-Reported Stories of 2011

I know the blog has been nearly deathly quiet this month, but I have a good reason: university. I’ve been reading a lot and studying and keeping up with papers, presentations, and various deadlines. Part of life as a Communications… Continue Reading →

VIFF 2011: Miss Representation

When the trailer for Miss Representation started making the rounds on social media, I knew I wanted to see it. Fortunately, it screened as part of the Vancouver International Film Festival 2011. This documentary film, written and directed by former… Continue Reading →

There and Back Again: A Roadtrip Story

At the end of August, we took an incredible and slightly impromptu roadtrip to Banff, Alberta and back. I’ve been wanting to explore more of British Columbia as I only remember bits and pieces from our roadtrips as a kid…. Continue Reading →

En Guarde at Cascadia North

Last-last weekend I made the snap decision to go to Cascadia North Accolade Tournament. I’ve been learning to swordfight and this annual event is a swordplay retreat organized by a group of volunteers from the Western Martial Arts school I… Continue Reading →

Vancouver Tour: My favourite downtown neighbourhood

As I mentioned, I’m returning to school in September. For the past three years, I’ve been working in downtown Vancouver. Thinking about this big change has made me realize a few things, one is how much I love Gastown. The… Continue Reading →

SOAR-ing away to Agassiz with the Girl Guides of Canada

I had the good fortune to respond to a request for knitting teachers and ended up as a Core Staff member for the Girl Guides’ Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous (SOAR) 2011 last week. The position was volunteer and it wasn’t… Continue Reading →

BC Highland Games & Skirt Sewing Success

Last weekend (June 25) I went with a friend to the BC Highland Games & Scottish Festival in Coquitlam. We’d never been before, and unfortunately it rained intermittently, but we still enjoyed ourselves and got a chance to look around…. Continue Reading →

Happy Canada Day

Today is Canada Day, and this weekend is also the 4th of July in the USA… so North America is celebrating this weekend! I just want to say how proud I am to be a Canadian (despite certain political things… Continue Reading →

Insert Witty Title Here

Day to day, as I browse the web, I find awesome things I like to share. Sometimes I share them via Facebook or Twitter, and other times, they deserve a round-up post. Here are a couple great things I’d like… Continue Reading →

Why I will be at SlutWalk Vancouver today

The very first SlutWalk happened in April of this year in Toronto, but it has since taken local, national and even international media by storm. SlutWalks are popping up all over major cities in Canada, USA and across Europe in… Continue Reading →

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