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Baby on the Way

Did I scare you? Actually, the expecting mother is my mom’s best friend’s step-daughter. Because my mom’s best friend is also my godmother, we are actually close. And although I don’t know the expecting mother, I thought it would be… Continue Reading →

Wintery FO… just in time for Spring

About a week ago I finished knitting this: Keyhole Scarflette based on the Ribbed Mini-Scarf by Celeste Glassel. Here is my Rav project page if you’re curious and on Ravelry. Mom absolutely adores the set. The only problem with the… Continue Reading →

Book Review :: Lace Knitting To Go

You may or may not know that I’m not a big lace knitter, although I am in total awe of how beautiful it is. but that’s what’s so great about this little book (if you can call it that). Lace… Continue Reading →

Book Review :: At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women who Knit too Much by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

My art teacher Joanne, who taught me to knit, had this cute little book with quotes and anecdotes on her desk. I remember picking it up every so often and laughing, but not really connecting with it. When I spied… Continue Reading →

Mom’s New Hat

Project Details [ravpage]: Yarn: Michell & CIA. Luxury Collection Alpaca Peru. 100% baby alpaca. Pattern: Fetching-Inspired Hat [ravlink] by Grace KnitsALOT. Needles: 6mm circulars (instead of DPNs) The pattern was very vague, but fortunately, hats with a 5 stitch repeat… Continue Reading →

Yarn Central

Today my sister and I went to the yarn store! She is learning to weave and so I helped her choose yarn for her class. I picked out some lovely Cascade 220 and Cascade Heathers 220 for her. She wanted… Continue Reading →

Back into the Knitting Groove

So, as I mentioned in my 2008 wrap-up / welcome 2009 post, I didn’t knit my mom the lace stole. However, whenever I wear my knitting hat, earwarmers, or scarf… she likes to say, “ooh, I’d look good in that!”… Continue Reading →

Two Birds with One Stone

FO + FO = warm Monnibo!! Sorry for the crappy bathroom photos… but when you finish at midnight-thirty, during the winter season no less, there aren’t going to be any outdoor shots. Maybe later when I’m in England we’ll get… Continue Reading →

Book Review :: The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

The Friday Night Knitting Club is the story of a group of women of different ages, different backgrounds, and very different personalities who meet at a little yarn shop on Manhattan’s Upper West Side — and surprise themselves by forging… Continue Reading →

Purple Knitting Update

The second easiest scarf in the world is still not done (the first easiest is just knitting all rows): Why? you ask… well, because I’m cheap. I don’t want to buy another skein of the yarn (also I know that… Continue Reading →


Marina sent me a link to this blog post about graknitti — knitting graffiti! I’ve heard about this being done to lampposts, but this article talks about all manner of objects being graknittied!

Small Head or Big Knit?

I finished Calorimetry…. Okay so I know that the pattern said gauge was important… and I know that I didn’t swatch, but what I want to know is HOW BIG IS THE MODEL’S HEAD!? I cast on LESS stitches than… Continue Reading →

Almost FO

Despite Henry’s “help” with Calorimetry [pattern link], I’m nearly done. I lovelovelove the colour, and as I’ve mentioned before, I adore the Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Dyed Cotton! Yum! Hopefully I’ll finish it off during Birthday Knitting with Julia at… Continue Reading →

Pathetic Progress

No one said my WIP knitting had to be good progress. So I cast on… and I hate casting on. I do the thumb method because it’s the only one I ever learned. And I hate how loose it is;… Continue Reading →

Yessir, Yessir, Three Bags Full

My favourite LYS (and I mean super local) celebrated their 2nd Year Anniversary this weekend. Back in March, my sister gave me a gift certificate to the LYS for my birthday. So, gift certificate in hand, boyfriend in tow, I… Continue Reading →

Knitting for Luke

Michelle recently posted about her friend’s 7-year-old son who has an inoperable tumor on his brain stem. His name is Luke and he’ll be going in for radiation treatment soon. Michelle wanted to knit him a lovely blanket, but of… Continue Reading →

Lattice Facecloth

When you (avid knitter and blog-visitor) saw this post title, you were thinking, “Yay! Some honest to goodness knitting content! Finally she has an FO to show off!” I’m sorry; you are wrong. I merely wrote up a pattern that… Continue Reading →

Bunny Update!

Before I left England I actually managed to finish the Easter Bunny. CW’s Grandma and mum helped me out and those were the ears we decided on.

Bandit Bunny has Ears Stolen

We went over to CW’s Grandma’s earlier today and she helped me work on my Cuddly Bunny. CW’s mum was there too and we all agreed there are some weird things about the pattern. For one, we didn’t like the… Continue Reading →

Not to jinx myself… but…

I’m knitting a cuddly bunny. This yarn just screamed Easter, and I know that I’ve missed Easter but shut up I don’t care. I wanted to use it to knit those Easter Eggs too (I have the pattern that Michelle… Continue Reading →

Finally a Finished Knitted Object!!

You thought I knit? You thought right! Haha…. I admit I am a slow knitter, and I definitely like to be motivated and inspired by what I’m making. The unfortunate thing is that I don’t like to start new projects… Continue Reading →

Knitting Daily in a Box

I was reading my Knitting Daily Newsletter and as my internet slooooowly loaded the content, I began to think about the title. Do you put yourself in a Box? Now, if you’ve read the newsletter you’ll know that it’s about… Continue Reading →


Chan inspired a contest at Gnat’s Bark N’ Knit. All it takes it a little comment about how you and your significant other met/fell in love/knew it was meant to be. Win some knitting fiction! (Thanks for pointing this one… Continue Reading →

She actually knits?!

You thought this was a knitblog didn’t you? Well to be honest, it never began as one… back in 2001… on a different blog/server/name. But when I started getting back into knitting properly… I think it was mid-2005, and then… Continue Reading →

“For someone who likes knitting, you get awfully angry with it.”

CW said this to me as I was getting upset at the stupid increases and decreases. 1. I can’t increase on a purl row. I just… don’t know how. The knit into the back of the stitch method doesn’t work… Continue Reading →

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