Update: I have made a Facebook event for the Vancouver Edition art drop.

I recently read about the You Are So Very Beautiful Project, having admired and followed Betsy Greer‘s craftivism work for many years.

For those unfamiliar with the word, Betsy Greer coined the term ‘craftivism’ to describe a particular style of campaigning for a cause, combining craft and activism.

“By using their creative energy to help make the world a better place, craftivists help bring about positive change via personalized activism. Craftivism allows practitioners to customize their particular skills to address particular causes”.

There are countless political and social justice movements that are using textile arts to raise awareness, further their causes, and (hopefully) change the world.

“Craftivism is about healing ourselves as we make,
and then healing the world with our products” —Betsy Greer

You Are So Beautiful

The You Are So Beautiful Project is craft activism, but it’s also different. As Betsy says, “craftivism is as much about fighting the bad things of this world as it is about fighting the bad things we tell ourselves.”

We live in a world surrounded by media, news, and social connections that often leave us feeling empty, unaccomplished, unfulfilled, and not worthy. I can’t pinpoint any one instance, but I often feel overwhelmed by these negative messages.

“Every day we have to fight to remember that we are enough just as we are, we are beautiful just as we are. Some days, though, we forget.”

The purpose of the You Are So Beautiful Project is to send stitched affirmations of worth out into the world. To remind ourselves and others that we are wonderful, exactly as we are.

You Are So Beautiful—stitched affirmations by Betsy Greer

You Are So Beautiful—stitched affirmations by Betsy Greer

Get Involved:

Betsy is going to do a “drop” in Baltimore (USA) and has a partner in London (UK). Now, I’ll be representing Canada in Vancouver!

The project instructions are on Betsy’s blog, and anyone is welcome to send in stitched affirmations.

Join us in person: I’ll be doing my drop in Vancouver and anyone is welcome to join me for that. RSVP to the Facebook event for our art drop on February 7, 2016.