Color Affection by kikilemarteau

Color Affection by kikilemarteau

After unravelling this pattern twice already, I have finally completed my Color Affection. I really really liked my friend’s Colour Affection, where she paired similar value colours together. It made it look like it all went together, but was still occasionally making rows and stripes.

After much deliberation, I initially chose a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts – Socks that Rock in the colourway Garden Daze as my main colourway. I’ve had this skein for ages and even tried knitting Argante out of it, but it wasn’t looking right. My friend suggested I bring that skein shopping and pick 2 solids out of the variegated colours within it. I matched a solid light green (SweetGeorgia) and a solid fuschia (Swans Island) to the Garden Daze repeats.

Attempt #1:  I cast on and was already into the 3 section (where you’re striping 3 colors). Unfortunately, it looked way too busy and just looked like yarn barf.


So I dropped the fuschia and picked up a darker semi-solid green (also Sweet Georgia). I hoped that this would make a mostly green shawl with occasional bursts of Socks that Rock.


Attempt #2: I didn’t like how busy it still looked. I decided that the Socks that Rock should not be the main colour.


Attempt #3: The main colour is the darker green, the first contrasting colour is Socks that Rock, and the second contrasting colour is the light green. I definitely liked how it was working up a lot better.

(colour is most true is this photo)


I’ve finally cast off, and I still need to block it.

Critique 1: I have so much yarn left over! Holy moly. The final section, which is supposed to be solid, I started doing longer stripes with the 2 contrasting colours, just trying to use up yarn.

Critique 2: It’s super curly. I know I haven’t blocked it yet, but you’d think that there would be instructions about “if you’re a tight knitter”. Apparently I didn’t do enough Ravelry homework (too busy colour-matching) because many knitters have noted this and suggest to include a YO and then drop it. However, I should reserve judgement until I finish blocking the FO.