Recently I’ve knit a couple hats and an object that looks like a hat but isn’t. So here is a triple FO report!

First, the Toque of Secrecy for AW.

Knitted hat - Bus Pattern

Andrew's selfie modeling the hatThe pattern is the Bus Hat, a free pattern by Kylie McDonnell-Wade that I found on Ravelry. I chose it because it was gender-neutral and wasn’t just a plain ribbed hat. It’s knit with Cascade 220 in a dark red, as per AW”s request.

I had initially planned it for Christmas, but AW kept whingeing about the weather in Toronto during the Fall that I sent it early. They said it fit perfectly and they loved it—as you can tell from this bathroom mirror Selfie.

The second hat was the Nottingham Hat by Melissa Mall, another free pattern I found on Ravelry.

Nottingham Hat Nottingham Hat

I knit it for my Mac technician and friend as a thank you for helping me. The pattern was well-written and I enjoyed the cabling as a distraction from the ribbing. I used Patons North America Canadiana Solids in a nice chocolate brown.

Knitted Toe Cosy for CastsThe object that looks like a hat but isn’t is actually a toe cozy for casts. My BF’s mother is having a surgical procedure and loved the slippers I made her, and was hoping I could fashion something for her toes while she has to wear a cast.

The pattern is “Toe cover for casts” by Joan L. Hamer, which I found through Ravelry and is linked to a page on the WayBack Machine. The WayBack Machine has archived internet pages, but the pattern is essentially a tall baby hat. It’s about 6 inches long and the cast on is 46 stitches in a worsted weight yarn.