In the last couple months, I have knit two more pairs of the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs that my dad adores. Only this time, they weren’t for my dad (which he was disappointed about).

The first pair was knit as ladies medium (to fit a size 8) for a local knitter friend, Lauren.

Felted Slippers - Pair #1

Lauren's Belated FestivusBack when we did the Festivus Miracle Swap-o-Rama in 2011, Lauren’s package was never delivered. She was too polite to complain to anyone in the group, and we only found out when she declined to participate again in 2012.

So a few of us decided to create a Belated Angel package. Siobhan coordinated and I think gave a book, Chelle donated yarn, I knit slippers, and I know there was another contributor but I can’t recall who (sorry awesome person). Suffice to say, Lauren enjoyed the surprise!

Pair number two used the same yarn, not because I’m cheap, but because it happened to work out that both recipients were fans of green/blues. The yarn was Cascade Eco+ which felts really well, and was in a teal colourway. I would have used a different accent colour, but grey worked well and I didn’t want to use something like white on slippers. The grey is Paton’s wool in ‘Mercury’.

This pair was knit as ladies small (the smallest the pattern goes) to fit a size 6. They were knit for my boyfriend’s mother, for her birthday. She doesn’t live locally, but I have received word that they fit perfectly.

Felted Slippers #2

The two minor additions that aren’t pictured here, is I did needle felt a swirly design into one of the slippers in grey yarn. I actually had to switch to a different shade of grey because I ran out while casting off, so the swirl was to tie the two colours together. But honestly, once I finished felting, you could only tell the difference if you were looking for it. The other addition (not pictured) was that I used puff paint to add traction to the bottoms.