In celebration of Hallmark Day Valentine’s Day, 49th Shelf is crowd-sourcing a list of Books that Feel The Love. They write, “we are highlighting a list of books that celebrate love in whichever way you define it—hot, passionate, blinding love; heartbreaking, desperate, unrequited love; love that simply makes your heart beat a little faster.”

Some obvious love stories come to mind such as the collection of short stories, Desire in Seven Voices by Lorna Crozier, but to me, I prefer more unconventional stories of love, bonding, and trust. Here are a few (with links to my reviews):

49th Shelf is giving away $150 to the lucky winner for the bookstore of their choice. Contest closes midnight on Thursday, February 14 (tomorrow) and the winner will be announced on Friday, February 15. There are 3 ways to enter via Facebook, Twitter, and commenting on 49th Shelf (click for details). The hashtag for Twitter and Facebook is #cdnbooklove.