For the past four years, the Terminal City Yarn Wranglers on Ravelry have had a secret Santa-style gift exchange. We originally called it “Festivus Miracle Swap-o-Rama” and I’ve participated every year (2009, 2010, 2011). I wear my gifts with pride and constantly get compliments on them.

However, each year we’ve experienced scheduling constraints as December is such a busy month for people. So this year, we decided to follow the example of Orthodox Christmas which is celebrated in January (December 25 in the Julian calendar corresponds to January 7 in the current Gregorian calendar). Thus, Knitter’s Festivus Year4 was celebrated on January 19th at Yagger’s downtown, which has a separate back room free of charge for group gatherings.

Knitter's Festivus - Group shot

We were so happy to get a space that we could all chat with each other. In previous years we’ve been in a busy restaurant at a long, narrow table. Here we could mill about and actually talk to people. It was a game night now that the NHL lockout is over, but I turned off the projector and turned down the volume on the TV so we could hear each other. We also turned up the lights so we could actually see and we smushed the tables together. Our poor waitress must have had to return the room to order. Oops!

First we ate, then we gifted. I played elf and distributed the gifts. Unfortunately the Flu Virus of Winter had attacked a few people who couldn’t make it, which meant some attendees didn’t have gifties to open. I think in future years we should make the stipend that “your gift has to attend, even if you cannot”.

Here is Chelle modelling the hat I knit her— the Lace Ribbon Slouch Hat by Molly Wood (free Ravelry pattern).

Chelle modelling the Lace Ribbon Slouch Hat I knit her

I got to spoil Chelle, and although she was super good-natured and understanding about her allergies, I felt bad that some of her package was inedible. She recently had to add vanilla to the list because even the real extract uses corn in the processing and she is allergic to all derivatives of corn. Fortunately her partner and daughter are not as limited, so they got to enjoy some of the package too.

I got spoiled by Barth, who knit me a Wingspan out of Indigo Moon merino in the colourway “Wild Berries”. Barth was such a good Ravelry-stalker! I have been eying Wingspan and lusting over Indigo Moon for ages.

Me gleefully attempting to wear my Wingspan Wingspan, knit by Barth, out of Indigo Moon yarn

Oddly, I was told by both Chelle and Siobhan that I’m easy to stalk, which kind of concerns me. Actually, I know exactly what they mean because we discussed how difficult it is to try to spoil someone in a swap that, 1. you don’t know personally, and 2. isn’t active on Ravelry or another online location.

I’ve been wearing my Wingspan nearly every day—mainly to try to figure out how to wear it, it is an odd design but I think I’ve got it figured out now. These are just a taste of the photos. I’ve uploaded all my Festivus pictures in a Flickr set and the Terminal City Yarn Wranglers even have our own Group Pool.