I have three crafty projects to share with you, all home improvement related!

1. Sewing new pillows for the couch

A while ago I moaned about my pillow predicament. I am happy to say I’ve solved at least a part of it. I kept the 20-inch pillows and ditched the 16-inch ones because the cases were very faded on the middle front, but mainly because they were lumpy. They’d served me well nearly daily for 2+ years; they had been the original pillow forms that came with the couch, although I’d ditched the stock pillow cases long ago.

New Pillowcases on Couch

I picked up the fabric from Dressew here in Vancouver. I really liked how the purples matched and they were not solid, but slightly mottled. Even the polka-dot one isn’t quite a solid purple. The paisley-patterned one almost looks tie-dyed.

Pillow case Close-up

2. Postcard Display Case

And the next project that has been lingering a while: I wanted a better way to display my postcard collection. I love getting postcards from friends, family, and I even mail them to myself when I’m travelling. My fridge was getting cluttered with the magnetic LOLcatz poetry, so I created this display case.

Postcard Display from old Ikea mirror

It’s sort of a shadow box meets clothes hanger meets picture frame. I found a busted Ikea mirror in the alley, kicked out the glass and hot-glued the frame back together. Then I just hot-glued some lengths of ribbon on and picked up those adorable mini clothes pegs from Michael’s craft store.

3. Shelf Cubes

And the final project, which is not really a proper project. I found these nesting shelf-box things in someone’s post-garage sale junk. I brought them home and stuck them up here by the kitchen.

Shelf-box cubes in the kitchen

They’re staggered and spaced like that because they’re hiding some flaws in the apartment walls (a previous tenant had anchors in the drywall, and then the landlord just painted over them). The knick-knacks are from travels or overseas gifts, which I feel is a lovely way to highlight these sentimental items. Since I took this photo my friend Evan even gave me a miniature ceramic Loch Ness monster to add to the collection.