Blue Moon Fibre Arts — Luscious Silk in 'Blue Brick Wall' colourway

Photo courtesy of Chelle

Chelle is much too good to me. She can’t knit with animal fibres, and was knitting away with this lovely skein of Blue Moon Fibre Arts Luscious Silk. But she wasn’t feeling the love and after frogging two different projects {Ravelry links}—both of which I loved—she quit the yarn and gifted it to me.

As for me, my knitting mojo has been gone for the past 5 or 6 months. I’m a serial monogamist—one novel at a time, one knitting project at a time, one boy at a time—so I have been knitting my Multnomah shawlette foraaaaages. I’ve finished the pattern, and I’m just continuing the feather and fan until the yarn runs out.

So, that means I can begin planning my next project. I think that the Luscious Silk, colourway Blue Brick Wall, needs to become something to adorn my neck so I can snuggle it.

Option 1: Lapse of Reason {Ravelry pattern link} — A moebius shawl/wrap with eyelets that looks straightforward enough. Not sure if I’d actually wear it around my shoulders like that because my boobs would get in the way.

Option 2: Eyelet Neck Scarf {Ravelry pattern link} — A triangle shawl, which is exactly what I’ve just been doing for aaaaages. And it appears that the pattern is more of a ‘this is what I did’ style.

Option 3: Botanical Cowl {Ravelry pattern link} — A really wide circle for looping around your neck in creative ways. I’d have no concerns about yardage.

Tell me your thoughts / opinions on these pattern options! Have you knit any of them before? Is there something I haven’t considered? Do you have a favourite of these three ideas?