My friend Beth was trying to find a new home for her two cats, Tetley and Pekoe. The home they went to worked out for Tetley, but not for Pekoe who is a bit more chatty and active than the new owner preferred.

As Beth is about to give birth, finding a home for Pekoe (at least a temporary one) was important. Beth posted on Facebook about the dilemma and I offered as long as Pekoe would be okay with Henry (my cat) and Chico (my chinchilla).

Pekoe exploring her new digs

So Beth brought Pekoe over last Monday and she set about to making herself at home.

Now, my cat’s nickname is Mister GrumpyPants because he doesn’t like change. He’s a curmudgeony old man (at 5 years old) and growls and hisses—sometimes just to himself—when he is displeased. So it’s taken him a while to stop growling at Pekoe, who holds her own and hisses right back. But now, they only growl/hiss when startled or provoked. We’ve settled into a ‘tolerance’ hierarchy of sorts.

If you think you’d like to adopt her, check out Pekoe’s page at the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA). She is really damn cute and a chatty, affectionate, active cat.

Pekoe & Henry's hierarchy

Learning to tolerate each other, but still a visible hierarchy