I am a Proud Democratic Canadian and I Pledge to Vote on Election Day!Warning: This post contains politics.

Over the past five years, the Conservative Party and Stephen Harper have screwed up a lot for our country. Among some of the worst are:

  • cut foreign aid funding and peacekeeping forces (and subsequently were denied a seat to the UN Security Council for the first time in history)
  • cut funding for women’s advocacy groups (43% cut)
  • cut arts funding ($45 million)
  • gives tax breaks to large corporations such as the tar sands industry ($1.4 billion… more than the entire budget of Environment Canada)
  • neglected funding for the mentally ill and addicted (but committed $2 billion to expand prisons)
  • cut childcare funding ($1.2 billion)
  • cut public funding for science ($138 million cut, while the US invested $2.75 billion/year)
  • becoming the first party in Canadian history to be guilty of contempt of parliament.
  • prorogued parliament… twice
  • tried to secretly eliminate the long form census (which would result in uninformed decisions)
  • fires employees who try to do their job (such as Linda Keen who ordered the shut down of a reactor at Chalk River because of concerns about the emergency power system)
  • if they can’t influence committee proceedings… they decrease funding for the commission in question to the point where they can’t operate.
  • refuses to sign the UN Declaration designating clean water as a human right
  • decided to buy 65 fighter jets ($16 billion) instead of search and rescue air crafts

And the most ridiculous ones:

  • renamed the “Government of Canada” the “Harper Government” on all official correspondences
  • redecorated the Prime Minister’s office with pictures of only himself (Harper) instead of former Prime Ministers

Think I’m just spitting out a bunch of rubbish? Nope… there are news stories and truth behind all these facts which is very unfortunate for us here in Canada. Here are the two websites that compiled most of the news sources: ShitHarperDid.com & So What Did I Miss? blog & Unseat Harper.

Tomorrow (Monday, May 2) is Election Day…. and all eligible Canadians need to get out and VOTE (for anyone except Harper).