I bought this yarn from a local designer-friend, Melonhead Knitwear, at Circle Craft Christmas Market in November 2010. She was selling her handknits as well as hand-dyed and handspun yarn by the skein. When I tried on the hats she had for sale, they actually looked good on me! Hats so rarely look good on my head.

Since she knew I was a knitter, she gave me the pattern she wrote when I bought 2 skeins of the yarn. However, because it was just her personal notes and not a published pattern, I had some issues and I ended up with waaaay too many stitches. Oops!

Super Slouchy Hat (frogged)
Erm, it’s meant to be a slouchy hat, right? Just be distracted by the beautiful colours. Ignore the 200% increase in stitches.

So I frogged and reknit. It’s quite a simple pattern and the yarn is lovely, so I’m not too fussed. I’m now at the crown decreases, and I only wish that I’d had the right size of needles in circulars because I don’t want to have to seam.