Me in the cherry tree, yarnbombing at Historic Joy Kogawa House


Today was the day — the official yarnbombing of Joy Kogawa’s cherry tree. I contributed about 100 blossoms and arrived this afternoon to help install the yarn blossoms (and bark!) on the tree.

The executive director of the Historic Joy Kogawa House Society managed to get a fire engine with ladder to help install the blossoms in the higher branches. My dad also dropped off a ladder and I made my way up into the tree (I probably should have signed some sort of liability waver first, eh?).

It was a gorgeous sunny day; the first day of Spring in my mind. And the tree looked absolutely fantastic. There were well over 500 blossoms by my guess, and it was amazing to see the literary community collide with the yarn community. Fantastic day.

Photo above of me in the tree taken by my friend, Jason Vanderhill of IllustratedVancouver. Photos below taken by me.

Cherry tree covered in yarn bark My tag for the cherry tree with one of the blossoms I made
Finishing touches on the cherry tree bark | My “tag” with one of the blossoms I made.

Yarnbombed Cherry Tree complete
Finished tree full of blossoms. Even started covering the apple tree beside it and the neighbour’s tree!