I was approached a few months ago by CSN Stores about doing a product review. I had noticed the reviews around the blogosphere and was curious to check out the products. A number of book bloggers had selected book cases to review and many had given the products favourable reviews.

Reading Wedge Pillow from CSN StoresI had always considered the prices at CSN Stores a little steep (with the shipping to Canada) compared to what I could find locally. I had recently moved so I thought maybe I should splurge on a good reading chair or some awesome lamp for craftwork. However, when I realized how sore my neck and upper back were from being unsupported when reading, I decided to get a foam reading wedge.

As for price, I contacted a few local stores and generally a plain foam wedge (no cover) about the same size sells for about $40-50.

  • CSN Stores — $99 with neck bolster & cover
  • Sears — $75, with cover
  • Chiropractor/Medical Supply stores — $50, with cover
  • Mattress store — $44, just foam
  • Bed Bath & Beyond — $40, with cover (much smaller)
  • WalMart — $38.88, with cover

However, the thing that I liked about the reading wedge from CSN is that it has a removeable cover (with zipper) as well as a neck bolster with cover. This way, once my cat covers it in fur, I can just toss it in the wash.

Cat demonstrating the reading wedge from CSN Stores
I just wish it came in different colours than quilted white… it reminds me of toilet paper.

I have been keeping this on the couch and been using it for reading, playing on the laptop, and even writing in notebooks. I didn’t realize how badly I was straining my back trying to do all these “lap” activities hunched over.

I especially like that the small neck bolster can be detached (velcro) and I can place it anywhere I need it. As you can see, you can either arrange it low or high. Occasionally I even used the neck bolster on my lower back (at my computer chair) and under my knees (when sleeping)

Reading Wedge — arrangement #1 Reading Wedge — arrangement #2