Did the title make you do a double take? Let me explain.

As you can see in this photo, Henry has his own pillow covered with a lovely fleece blanket right beside my pillow. This is because he used to always sleep beside me and when he got tired of it, he’d move to my pillow.

Henry lying on my pillow (not his)

Recently I got a new memory foam pillow to help my neck. I figured Henry could have my old pillow since he liked it so much.

My cat sits on top of my head, licking my faceNot so fast. Turns out, sure he likes sleeping next to me, but what he really likes is sleeping on my head. Or, he just likes the new memory foam pillow even better than the poofy fibre-fill one.

I don’t know, but nowadays it is not uncommon to find him on my pillow in the morning. Then causes my head to slide down the pillow to accommodate my rather large cat, and results in my neck no longer being supported. Thus rendering the new memory foam pillow ineffective.

Not to mention that he also likes to lick my face and “groom” me. *sigh* The things we do to keep our furkids happy, eh?