A recreational tourism company in Whistler, BC is being investigated for animal cruelty. It is so sad and shocking to hear of the mass slaughtering of 100 sled dogs due to a ‘decline in business’ after the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Utterly disgusting conduct. Read the full story from The Vancouver Sun.

As awful as this situation is, we should all take the opportunity to increase awareness about abused animals. There is a meme on Facebook right now that says:

In memory of all animals who are living a life in abuse, or have lived lives of abuse, and in memory of the Sled Dogs from Outdoor Adventures: Change you Profile picture to YOUR pet, whether it be DOG, CAT, BIRD, RABBIT. Animals feel pain and they have emotions too.

So I changed my profile photo to this picture of Henry and Chico:

P.S. I very nearly went dog sledding this winter. While I would love the chance to do this at some point in my life, as I began to think about it (and look at the cost for a 2-hour tour) I think it is more the bond between the person and dog team that I am interested in. I would rather work towards doing a longer trip — perhaps an ecological study of some sort — that would involve working with a dog sled team.