I didn’t really update much about Catmas because Abby and Henry were just getting to know each other. There wasn’t much cuteness going on, but they did get quite playful by the end of 10 days.

Henry and Abby sharing the bed

And after about 5 days Henry stopped hissing at Abby and let her sleep on the bed too — but they couldn’t be touching! Although in this first photo, Henry got scared and hissed when he realized she was on the other side of the duvet pile.

On a normal night Henry and Abby share the bed — Abby more interested in cameraHenry flip-flops between sleeping at the bottom of the bed beside my feet to his blanket beside my head. While Abby was visiting, I put her basket and/or blanket pad beside my head and Henry stayed near my feet. It worked out quite well.

As you can see in this second photo, any time the camera came out, Abby was immediately like, “what’s that?” ::drops everything she’s doing to look at the camera:: And today I was over for dinner at my parent’s house and she still does it — twisting her head in every direction.