Entrance to the Vancouver Christmas Market in downtownThe first inaugural Vancouver Christmas Market will hopefully become a new tradition here. After visiting the German Christmas Markets in Manchester, England I was very happy to hear we’d be getting our own.

While it’s not quite like the ones I’ve been to in England (and I’m sure even less like the ones in Germany) we still managed to have fun. Remember to bring cash!! Lots of cash because 1.) it’s expensive and 2.) you will want to eat all.the.things.

Crowds inside the Vancouver German Christmas Market

Crowds inside the Vancouver German Christmas Market

The Potato Hut!

Mmm baked potatoes smothered in good stuffs

First stop (after $5 entrance and getting our alcohol wristbands) was The Potato Hut. Some of us waiting in this line up, while a few others waiting in the Sausage line-up to buy bratwurst. I got a baked poutine potato ($7.50) with cheese curds and gravy. While Hilary insisted it wasn’t real poutine, I insisted it was delicious!

Traditional baked potato oven Traditional baked potato oven
Check out the awesome (and steamy) traditional potato baking oven with warming drawers. So awesome! We were so excited about this and all taking photos. The lady at The Potato Hut said we needed to get out more. Too true, too true.

Tammy enjoying her Bratwurst Stilt walkers at the German Christmas Market
Tammy enjoying her bratwurst sausage and some costumed stilt walkers at the Market.

Giant Santa on Liebrecht Lebkuchenhaus

Giant Santa on Liebrecht Lebkuchenhaus which sells traditional European treats including all types of gingerbread, marzipan and other sweet delights.

Then someone mentioned there were crepes — both fruit and meat types. Ferdy and I began chanting “crepes! crepes!” We headed towards the crepe hut but discovered they were out of apples (I was planning to get an apple cinnamon crepe).

Huts and baked apples

Row of huts and baked apples at the Applehaus

So instead we lined up at the Applehaus for baked apples ($5.50) which were amazing. They were stuffed with walnuts, raisins, cinnamon and smothered in hot vanilla sauce. To.Die.For. Mmmmm

Erin the baby bee sits on Santa Janel's lap Gluwein in commemorative mug
Erin the baby bee sits on Santa Janel’s lap and my steaming gluwein in commemorative mug.

Our last line up was for drinks, which some people had already had too. I got a mug of spiced apple gluwein ($6 plus $4 mug deposit). Very alcoholic! I would have been happy with just a spiced rum apple cider, but it also had mulled wine too. Wowza. I kept my commemorative mug as a souvenir, but a few people returned theirs to get their $4 back.

We also enjoyed the music of Maria in the Shower playing in the gazebo. There was all different entertainment nightly.

All in all we had a lot of fun. We were chatting in the line-ups and enjoyed the food immensely. I think they had to have a closed-site with entrance fee in order to get the liquor license. We have much stricter street-drinking laws than Europe. The site was packed with people (on a Saturday night) and I would love to see the site expanded next year to include more walking room and even more vendors!