I was a last minute addition to the Festivus Miracle Swap-o-Rama when I found out I’d be here for the event. Sign-ups were in July as the premise is to knit a gift for another knitter (and receive one in return!). Awesome premise.

But by the time I joined up in late October , I wasn’t sure I would have enough time to knit something. I opted to go for a kit (which is kosher) and try to knit a holiday Gnome. Unfortunately this is how much gnome was done by the time I had to leave for Festivus Dinner:

Halfway finished Gnome Gnome Pattern by Alan Dart

But Festivus Dinner was still really awesome. This is our second annual Festivus Swap, and both years we had difficulty finding a dinner location for 25+ people that didn’t require a room deposit. Anyone have a mansion we can invade next year?

Still, fun was had by all at the Yaletown Brewing Company, who were still really good to us. Also, there was a magician!

Card tricks at Yaletown Brewing Company

Erin picks a card....

Opening Gifts after Festivus Dinner

Opening Gifts after Festivus Dinner

I got to spoil Carly, who I’d fortunately met already. It was easy to “stalk” her when we were often at the same meetups. I’d subtly listen for hints and tips, asking seemingly innocent questions…. mwahaha

Carly opening the gift I gave her!

Carly opening the gift I gave her!

Festivus Gift for Carly (minus the Gnome)

Festivus Gift for Carly (minus the Gnome)

Little rat toyCarly’s gift included:

Check out all the happy gift recipients
Happy Giftees: Everyone petting Stella‘s shawl (top left), Janel loves her new cowl (top right), Sara with Clapotis (middle, left), Petra with shawl knit by Chelle (middle, right), Siobhan with silk fan knit by Vicki (bottom, left), and Erin with matching hair and shawl (bottom, right).

Are you curious what I got for Festivus? Well, Shelley’s partner had to drop out of Festivus, so the smart and talented Hilary scoped out a new partner for her in the late arrivals (including me) to see who would enjoy this purple mini-Ishbel in Malabrigo Sock.

Purple Ishbel knit by Shelley (aka hairwolf)

Me please!! I am so flattered and happy to receive this lovely scarf-shawl. Thank you thank you thank you Shelley!!

Detail on the Ishbel Me wearing my new Ishbel at Festivus