(Better late than never! It’s not yet midnight here, so it’s still technically Whiskers on Wednesday.)

100% willow wood wicker balls (from Pier1)I made a quick trip earlier this week to Pier1 for home décor items… but not for me, for Chico. When I was in Salisbury, England, I stopped by a pet store and found these 100% willow wood, woven wicker balls (isn’t that a tongue-twister!). Willow is a chin-safe wood and they came in a natural, untreated version (as well as a blanched and flavour/colour).

I bought one for Chico and brought it home in January (earlier this year). When I presented the willow ball to Chico, he literally devoured it! It took him less than 24 hours, and he absolutely loved the thing. I have since been searching for them in Vancouver because I refuse to pay $5 per ball at the local pet store (he devours them too quickly).

Then, I discovered them for $3 each on Pier1’s website! I have made Chico such a happy boy:

 Chico eating his willow ball

Please excuse the really crappy photos. Whenever I went over to the cage with the camera, he ignored the willow ball and paid attention to me. Of course I couldn’t resist giving him a scratch, but I then had to try and take photos on the sly!

P.S. I gave him the first willow ball on Sunday night. Tonight, Wednesday, as I type, he is chewing the very last bit of it (the part still tied to the top of the cage in the bottom right photo).