For this Whiskers on Wednesday, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. My mom and dad got a kitten:

Mom & Dad's new kitten

Her name is probably going to be Georgi, although they just brought her home last night so they’re not positive that it’s the perfect name for her. She’s 5 months old and was adopted from the Vancouver SPCA. Her name was originally Bonnie, which is also my sister’s name (so we obviously couldn’t keep it for the cat).

Georgi sitting in the bathroom Mom with Georgi

Georgi is very curious and affectionate. She is playful and alert, yet cuddly, which is what my mom wanted. More news in coming weeks I’m sure!

Then on the way home I encountered a coyote! It isn’t that uncommon in this area due to all the big parks and provincial forests, but it’s still nuts to see. I managed to get some photos of the poor guy, and then s/he tried to cross the busy street. Fortunately when I looped back to check he’d already made it across the street.

Urban coyote in Vancouver

Coyote at actual distance (see it by the tree?)

Urban coyote in Vancouver