Sit down, grab a coffee, because here are some quick updates all at once. Some don’t need individual blog posts, some are long-overdue updates.

  • I’ve joined the Festivus Swap on our local Ravelry meetup group. Must shop and knit for my secret person… so won’t be knit-blogging for a bit cause it’s a secret!
  • I’ve signed up for a beginner quilting class at Spool of Thread. Looking forward to it mucho mucho!
  • I went to a talk at the Vancouver International Writers & Readers Festival (VIWF) which included Emma Donoghue and Kathleen Winter, both of whom I’ve read their books. Emma Donoghue wrote Room, which I finished reading but haven’t yet blogged about. Kathleen Winter wrote Annabel, which I’ve read, reviewed, and loved. More on the VIWF event later! It was great. The Writer’s Fest runs from October 18-24, 2010.
  • This weekend was the Fraser Valley Bead & Jewellery Show. I went with Vicki, who I met at a local knitting group. We drove out to Langley on Saturday for the Bead show and detoured to Potter’s in South Surrey / White Rock on the way home. Very successful outing that I may blog about in detail. The bead show is this weekend (Friday-Sunday) but they also have a Spring show now in Coquitlam.
  • The detour to Potter’s was to pick up some pottery. I’m planting my Spring bulbs but since I may not be here in the Spring, I read that you can plant them in pots and they’ll be fine.
  • My dad and I are going to go on the Vancouver Haunted Trolley Tour for Halloween. Not on Halloween night, but in the spirit of the season. I am very excited because my dad likes Vancouver history, as do I, and the Haunted Trolley Tour is 2 hours around the city, including the old city morgue (now the Vancouver Police Museum where I took a Forensics workshop) and Mountain View Cemetery (where I went for the Night for All Souls last Halloween)! I shall definitely blog about it in detail later.