The Period of PURPLE Crying and the BC Children’s Hospital are raising awareness about Shaken Baby Syndrome by making hats for newborns.

We invite you to join our mission: make a PURPLE newborn baby cap so we can give select babies born in British Columbia the week of November 15th a gift to coincide with Canada’s National Child Day. Please share your knitting or crocheting skills to help Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC.

By making and sending PURPLE newborn baby caps to be given to babies across the province, you will make a difference by:

  • Raising awareness for this life-saving project that promotes crucial parenting skills, infant/parent bonding, and understanding of a typical early infancy stage that every baby goes through which is frequently misunderstood.
  • Participating in a growing, province-wide grassroots effort to educate new parents about the normalcy of early infant crying and how to cope with the frustration that can accompany it.
  • Assist in promoting the Period of PURPLE Crying – Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC so that parents (and all others) learn to understand normal increased early infant crying and that crying is a key trigger to shaking.

I’m off to dig up a pattern and some yarn to make a hat. If you have a chance, you should too! I grew up in the same neighbourhood as the BC Children’s Hospital and often went late at night for rogue ear infections. The staff are friendly, the facilities are nice, so whatever I can do to help, I will!

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