In the past couple weeks I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many of my favourite (and soon to be fave) local shops. I thought I’d share the goodies with you all as there are some fibre-related products(!!!)


Near the beginning of the summer, I bought a Groupon to Rocky Mountain Soap Company. It cost me $12 for a coupon worth $25. I ended up spending just over $30, which only cost me $20 (including coupon purchase). Here is what I selected:

Goodies from Rocky Mountain Soap Company

First up is the Mountain Dew Soap. It’s got spearmint and kelp in it. The spearmint smells fantastic and is so refreshing, and the kelp actually exfoliates your skin. I’ve used it a couple times and love seeing all the dead skin cells scrub off!

Next, we’ve got that deodorant-stick-looking object, it’s actually Summer Lemonade Body Butter. The scent was developed by an Elementary student in Alberta. It’s lemon and lime… what more could you want?

The two horizontal sticks are lipbalms. I got one each of Peppermint and Summer Lemonade. I love that Rocky Mountain Soap uses all-natural ingredients. So much nicer considering how much lipbalm you ingest by just wearing it.

The final stick is cuticle butter. I tend to chew beside my nail, so I’m hoping this will help my nail beds recover.

Modelling the Malabrigo Rasta scarf


Next up is yarn! Yarnpiggy brought her Instant Gratification Scarf to knitting meetup a couple weeks ago and both Plae and I fell in love with it. Here I am modelling the lovely scarf (photo courtesy of Yarnpiggy’s blog).

I was determined to buy a skein of Malabrigo Rasta for myself. I went to both Urban Yarns locations before I found a skein I loved. It’s not quite the same as Yarnpiggy’s because they’re hand-kettle-dyed skeins… mine is more muted. The colourway is Arco Iris, it’s super bulky, and a total of 90 yards.

Malabrigo Rasta

Malabrigo Rasta


Just a couple stores up from Urban Yarns is T Room Bakery & Kitchenware. I’ve been here for tea before when Ruth and her husband were in town. It’s a mixture between a bakery, tea shop, and a cookware store. I love oggling the napkins and cupcake papers, the cake pans and decorating tools. It’s all so cute and inspiring. I picked up a loaf of Challah bread and resisted buying all the kitchen accessories.

TRoom in Point Grey


I also finally stopped by my new local sewing shop, Spool of Thread. It’s such an open space and in a quaint location (mere blocks from my house) on a street nicknamed Art Strip.

Spool of Thread on E.15th Ave.

Spool of Thread — Sewing Lounge

Spool of Thread — Sewing Lounge Spool of Thread — Sewing Lounge

Fabric from Dressew and Spool of Thread

So, now you’re asking, what did I buy? I don’t often buy fabric without a project in mind (unlike yarn). With fabric, I don’t want to buy too little and not be able to finish sewing. So I picked up a couple scraps and fabric roll ends — the polka dots and the purple flowers.

The other roll end is from Dressew last week — cows jumping over moons! I picked up some other supplies for my Online Sewing Class.


Potholders from Rags & DishesWow, you getting bored yet? Last errand was to the bank, and I stopped in at Rags & Dishes. They’re an outlet store mostly for Danica Fabrics and carry tea towels, pot holders, aprons, lunch bags, dishes, napkins, placemats, table clothes, pillows, and more. I love stopping in to see what’s new in store.

I finally caved and picked up some new potholders! Don’t you just love the little cupcakes, cherries, and bowls of ice cream?!