CW arrived on Friday evening aamd we headed out to camp on Saturday to say hello to his family and catch up. We went horseback riding with some friends just before dinner on Saturday.

Dirty bums after horseback riding without saddles

Myself, RB, and KS showing off our dirty bums after riding horses bareback.

Killers (2010) starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine HeiglThen we got an invite to go to the movies with some other camp friends, but not just any movie theatre. One of my favourite summer activities is going to the Twilight Drive-In in Aldergrove. On Friday and Saturday nights they play three movies starting at dusk. For $12 per person and the comfort of your own car, it’s a fantastic deal. We often get four people and pile into the back of a pick-up truck with foamies, blankets and pillows. Showing on Saturday night was Killers, Robin Hood, and the new Repo Men.

Killers, starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, was a silly romantic comedy. It reminded me a lot of a tamer version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I thought Katherine Heigl was very good in it and Ashton Kutcher wasn’t an idiot which is a good step forward for him. It was fun to see but I probably would have waiting till DVD.

Robin Hood (2010) directed by Ridley ScottI was really looking forward to watching Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. This was bound to be a summer blockbuster with director Ridley Scott behind the wheel. It really struck me how many well-known faces were on the cast list such as Mark Strong (from Sherlock Holmes), Kevin Durrand (from LOST), Mark Addy (from A Knight’s Tale), and Scott Grimes (from ER). And those were just the ones that popped out at me.

The story itself felt whole and well-developed. It was nice to see both Robin Hood and Maid Marion as much older characters. One thing that surprised me was where this version of Robin Hood fit in with all the others. With most Robin Hood stories, it begins when Richard the Lionheart is off on the Crusades and Prince John is swindling the Kingdom. However, that’s (sort of) where this movie ends. This Robin Hood follows the back story of how Robin became the outlaw known as “Robin of the Hood” and ends with “And so the legend begins…”

Repo Men (2010) starring Jude LawThe third movie, Repo Men starring Jude Law, began at 2:30 am. Unfortunately it began to rain around 3:00 am and sitting in a back of a pick-up with blankets in the rain was not our idea of fun. So we packed up and headed home.

It was a futuristic and semi-dystopian movie (from what I saw) and a fairly creepy concept. My dad said that the original Repo Men (1984) was pretty creepy too. I’ll have to make sure I finish watching the movie, but perhaps when it comes out on DVD.

All in all it was a fun weekend and we had a lazy Sunday after our late night at the drive-in.