This weekend (May 1 & 2) is Make It! Vancouver at the Croatian Cultural Centre. Make It describes themselves “like a mullet; craft show in the front, party in the back!” I’ve been following their Twitter and their Vancouver blog for a few weeks and was really excited when I won 2 tickets to Make It! from Vancouver Is Awesome.

Wandering around indie craft fairs always makes me 1. wanna make stuff and 2. wanna launch my business. I love wandering around, chatting with crafty people and hopefully finding that special item that screams, “I wanna come home with you!!”

[image credits: bottom – market shot; left – Monkey100; right top – Ragged Designs; right bottom – Juicybath]

[left: Healingscents Aromatherapy; right: Hug + Kiss Designs who make hilarious yet oddly inappropriate cards]

I got a chance to chat extensively with MelonHead Knitwear (aka Carmen). I saw her winding some art yarn [pictured right], commented how she needed a niddy-noddly and she pegged me as a knitter instantly. We got to talking and she mentioned she has a studio at Main Street & 30th. I mentioned that the Terminal City Yarn Wranglers meets on Sundays at Salt Spring and/or The Grind (on Main Street). We discussed visiting or even relocating for a knit-in one Sunday. I said I’d toss it up on the group and see what people thought, I can’t wait to get some feedback!

There were over 100 Canadian crafters and artisans selling and displaying their wares. Certainly lots to look at. There was also a DJ spinning, but thankfully not too loud and you were still able to mull around and chat. And there was also a licensed bar with snacks and a crepes stall outside the Centre. Great way to spend an afternoon in the city!