Henry loves watching the outdoors. He’s not suited to be outdoors unattended, so I often boost him onto the windowsill in my bedroom. At my parents’ house, he used to sit for hours in my office chair rolled up to the window. Now he doesn’t seem to remember that he can go look out the window, he just has to jump. I’m planning to get some of that window-tint stuff (like cars have) so that I can leave my blinds open while I’m at work. Maybe then he’ll hang out there more often.

Safely behind the screen. No he isn’t that big… the windows are kinda small, but yea he’s a big boy… but he’s not f-a-t. The windows go from where the cement foundation ends to basically my ceiling.

Watching the awesome outdoors… cars! people! Things to smell!

Chill out… (that’s what the blanket is for).

Sniffing the air. I close the window and lock it so it’s open just a smidgen when I’m not watching him. I know that if I was to leave it open, he’d probably pop the screen out by accident and escape. Basement suite apartment, not so good for outdoor-challenged kitteh.

Oh hai! Wut do u haf? *purrr*snort*purrr*