On Saturday night I headed over to Janel‘s place to learn how to spin yarn. As soon as I entered, I heard the whirl of treadles on spinning wheels. Janel first explained how to tease the fibre (teehee) and then showed me how to drop spindle. It helped to have her spinning the spindle while I pinched the fibre… but eventually I was able to try on my own.

Pictures, or it didn’t happen:

Meg and Sara (aka wenchlette) with a horde of wheels

Janel spinnin’ away and styling her new hair cut

Yarnpiggy (aka Hilary) our sexy hand-model (who would kill me if I even took a proper photo)

Mah yarnz!

After I tried drop spindling, Meg (who has a podcast now…) let me try her wheel. I think I liked that better because you could make it go with your feet and let your hands concentrate on the fibre. I didn’t play long enough to quite get the hang of it (or make anything) but I certainly enjoyed myself. Thanks for being such a fantastic host and teacher Janel!

Fine print: enjoying myself does not mean I will become a spinner. I think I have enough hobbies already, I just like trying new things.