Last week I told you all about the Knitter’s Festivus Miracle Swap. We had a lovely dinner, lots of fun exchanging gifts, and I had included photos of the FO I gifted to Kyrsten. I have been amiss about posting photos from the dinner as well as my gift from Shelby! Better late than never…..

Shelby knit me this incredibly long scarf (can wrap 3 times around my neck) out of Cascade 220 (I think). I was knitting a secret Christmas gift with Cascade 220 and I swear it is the same colourway! And that is some lovely Scottish Breakfast Tea, I’ve only tried English Breakfast so I have been enjoying this in the mornings.

Here’s a stitch close-up for the knitter’s out there.

And some lovely photos from the dinner:

Kyrsten & Megan

Janel, Sioban, Louisa, Kyrsten, and Shelby

Mrs. Quimby & I munch on some yarn while Leone looks gorgeous.

Modelling the “point” protectors

Damselfly showing off her lovely fingerless mitts!

Not pictured (because yarnpiggy would kill me) and I couldn’t find any of Tammy… but want to burn their ears… Beentsy (Tammy) and Yarnpiggy (Hilary). Now, off I go to another knitting shindig!