I just got back from the lovely Festivus Dinner for our Terminal City Yarn Wranglers‘ swap. The idea, dreamed up by the amazing beentsy, was essentially that as knitters, we often give the knitted gifts, but rarely receive. So gather the knitters together and have a loverly swap!

“This is your chance to GET something handmade instead of always being the creator the handmade gifts. Now, keep in mind, this a small item swap. Perhaps a cowl or mitts or socks, or even a scarf. We are not here to knit you a humongous shawl. Sorry ‘bout that. So, a small item and then maybe some candy or chocolate or some other little gifts.”

I toiled and troubled (as well all know I’m a slow-ish knitter). I knit through cat-maulings and missing stitch markers… nothing stopped me! Well, sorta. I was knitting through class today trying to decide how long to make the lovely Darkside Cowl in sooooft Mirasol Sulka. Yumyum this was a dream to knit! I did finish on time, here are some choice photos. And for those on Ravelry, the project page.


darkside5 festivus-dinner
Here is the complete package I put together: Darkside Cowl, Vogue Knitting Stitch-a-Day 2010 Calendar and chocolate-covered orange peels from Roger’s Chocolates. And here is the happy recipient, Kyrsten and another Yarn Wrangler, Meg.