Cardboard Box Bed


No, I didn’t buy an entire flat of mini cucumbers. I used the box to bring home Costco groceries because they don’t do bags.


Personally I don’t see how the corner of a cardboard box is comfortable, but Henry loves cardboard boxes! Here is another photo (from my phone so excuse the crappy quality) that I took when I was moving. I took it as a sign that Henry was ready to move too. Awww!


Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!!

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9 thoughts on “Cardboard Box Bed

  1. Such a cutie! My Parker loves boxes, but Anya isn’t really interested in them. She recently discovered the laundry basket is a good place to get away from the dog though. :-)

  2. What is the attraction with boxes? Mine do this too…with boxes or anything square (laundry baskets, suitcases, etc.) I think it is adorable.

  3. Rosie loves boxes too. She has to inspect every parcel that is delivered and wants to look in every box that we unpack after moving. The funniest one, was a huge drum box. She got in that and wouldn’t get out, even when we pushed the box around the house like a car.

  4. Those photos are BEYOND adorable!

    I have a friend whose cat likes to curl up in the cardboard box she uses for recycling, even though it’s far too small for him. I also have a photo of him asleep in the lid of a board game we were playing – he was in the way, so she put him up on the shelf and he stayed there quite happily until we were finished!

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