That got your attention didn’t it? On Monday, we partook in the 3rd annual picking of wild blackberries. CW and I grab some buckets, put on long pants and sleeves, and trek out into the wild. Okay, so it’s not really the wild, it’s 44 acres of children’s camp / farmland and it is riddled with wild blackberries.




blackberries_elvisElvis (pictured right) joined us of course. He loves running in the trails and fields; he’s lived on the property (with the owners) since he was a puppy. He also chased and tracked a rabbit while we were in the trails. He’s much too loud and not nearly quick enough to catch a rabbit, but he had fun just the same. (Isn’t Elvis, the hound dog, aptly named? If you say no, I might just have to sing at you!)

We still had lots of company; the horses, the bugs, and the birds:



Now answer me this, what is the difference between blackberries with these pointy leaves (see photo left) and these round leaves (see photo right). The blackberries don’t taste any different, and the grow right next to each other, so why the different leaves?

blackberries_leaves1 blackberries_leaves2

We collected nearly seven cups of blackberries, so I made Blackberry Crumb Bars which we really enjoyed last year. They’re really good heated up a la mode. I prefer them to making pie (like I did two summers ago) because I find the filling is too juicy with fresh blackberries. We also had enough left over to just eat plain.

blackberries_all1 blackberries_all2