bbaw_interview_swapOne of the events during the inaugural BBAW last year was bloggers swapping interviews and posting them during Book Blogger Appreciation Week! I threw my name in the hat to participate this year and was paired up with Amber and Cheryl from Just Your Typical Book Blog. I emailed them some questions, and here is what Amber answered:

I love your header! How long did it take you to orchestrate that? Who is that turtled behind the books?

Thanks! All together with hauling the books outside, setting them up, and then taking tons of different pictures, it was around an hour. My neice, Breanna, helped me set everything up, and became the photographer. Halfway through she wanted to take a turn standing on the books, and the idea of what the header is now happened. So that’s her tucked behind all those books.

Why did you start your blog, and what made you decide to do it together, instead of separate blogs?

Cheryl and I are both aspiring writers so we were always talking about writing, authors, and books. One day Cheryl IMed me saying she was going to start a book blog, and wanted me to help. I said sure and we just went from there.

How did you and Cheryl meet?

Cheryl and I have this little obsession (well, maybe more than a little) with an actor named Garrett Hedlund. We both had joined the forum — — and started talking on there. Since we’re both writers, we kept sending each other our stories for advice and wound up becoming good friends and great writing buddies!

What kind of stories do you guys write? Have you ever collaborated on anything and posted it online?

We both have some fanfiction stories, all Garrett Hedlund (of course). With our own creative writing we have a mixture of paranormal, chic lit, and general fiction. If a story just needed a beginning we’d rock at that, lol As for collaborating we haven’t yet, but once discussed a story based on two girls going to a rock concert and meeting the band they idol. Hopefully one day we can write it since we’re both such music freaks.

What’s the difference between “Just your Typical Book Blog” and “Cheryl & Amber Discuss“?

Just Your Typical Book Blog is our main site where all the reviews, author interviews, giveaways, etc. are posted. Cheryl & Amber Discuss is where we talk about a book we’ve both read. It seemed a little more fun than us just posting two reviews on the same book.

Do you always read the same books?

We have before, but there are so many books out there it’s pretty easy for us to be reading something different. Plus we have our own set of authors we keep up with too.

What are your favourite genres and authors?

General fiction, young adult, paranormal, thrillers, and chic lit – we love it all! With authors there are so many great ones. My favorite is hands down Sarah Dessen, and Cheryl loves Stephen King.

I’ve noticed that sometimes you guys use different rating systems, can you tell me about your preferences to rate/not rate/use grades/use stars (or bookworms)?

When the blog was started we used the five star rating. Here recently I was finding it harder to rate a book. When I saw the grading scale on another person’s blog, I really liked the idea. It gives a little more leeway.

Some other neat things I’ve discovered while browsing Just Your Typical Book Blog, is that the girls keep a running list of their reviews, as well as books lists for what they’ve read in 2009 (Amber)(Cheryl)! All in all, not even mentioning author interviews, giveaways, weekly memes, blog tours, and their real lives, Amber and Cheryl are quite dedicated bloggers! Thanks for sharing your time and answers with me!

Everyone is supposed to post their interviews today, so visit BBAW and keep your eyes peeled around the book-blogosphere for interviews galore!