Although we were practically stormed out for Illuminares, we still made it down to Trout Lake and John Hendry Park to check out the festival. Not many of the lanterns were lit, but before dusk I managed to get some photos of them. View all my photos from the evening in my Vancouver set on Flickr.







Also, check out this video I smushed together of the lightning storm! The music is by The Carnival Band and was recorded as they were revving the crowd up before beginning the procession.

My only regret is that I asked a volunteer if the fireshow was still on, and was told it was cancelled. There were signs everywhere saying that the fireworks at 10:30pm were cancelled… but I meant the stilt-walking, fire-throwing, fire-hooping show. Upon hearing that it was cancelled, we didn’t stick around much longer after dusk. Imagine my dismay the following day when there were photos of the fireshow.