We love going to the Twilight Drive-In located in Aldergrove, BC. It is very near to the camp and a great deal ($11.50 per person for 3 movies). The movies start at dusk, and go till 3 or 4 in the morning! The first movie is usually something family-friendly, or PG13, the second movie is usually the “main feature”, and the third is usually a horror movie or unknown/turkey. We never stay for the third one because it’s already nearly 2am at that point! When we can, we’ll bring an “overheight” vehicle (trucks, vans, SUVs) and back into the parking spot. Then we’ll put blankets and foamies and pillows in the back and lie down.

We’ve already been twice this summer! In June we saw Night at the Museum 2, which pleasantly surprised me as I don’t normally care for Ben Stiller, and Angels & Demons, which I enjoyed (although not as much as the book!) Last weekend we saw Star Trek and Transformers 2. I was quite entertained throughout Star Trek, which surprised me because the television series never captured my attention. Maybe it was the young(er) cute guys, or the fact that they made it more of an adventure movie that happened to take place in space. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, we’d already seen before because CW really wanted to see it the day it came out (Wednesday June 24). I didn’t mind seeing it again because the drive-in is lots of fun.

I have to share this video I took during the intermission. It’s great!