Yesterday was Canada Day, and while it was as eventful as last year, I still had a good time. I went for a walk in my red dress, got lots of compliments, some hoots and hollers. And I went shutterbug-happy; I took photos of every red / red and white item I saw. Here’s a collage of the best of them:


canadaday-trivia canadaday-reddress
Can you answer these questions? Scroll to the bottom of the blog post for answers!


Trivia Answers: 1. Since Confederation, Canada is now 142 years old. 2. It was named by the French explorer, Jacques Cariet (1535) from an Iroquois word, “Kanata”, meaning “village”. 3. Sir John A. MacDonald. 4. Ice Hockey and Lacrosse. 5. Calgary & Montreal. 6. 10 Provinces and 3 Territories. 7. Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories.