Well, I haven’t participated in Booking Through Thursday for a while! Here’s a quick one because I gotta get back to work.

Which do you prefer? Yes, I know, some of these we’ve touched on before, and some of these we might address in-depth in the future, but for today–just quick answers!

  • Reading something frivolous OR something serious? —— depends on my mood
  • Paperbacks OR hardcovers? —— both
  • Fiction OR Nonfiction? —— fiction
  • Poetry OR Prose? —— prose
  • Biographies OR Autobiographies? —— neither
  • History OR Historical Fiction? —— historical fiction if we’re talking about novels
  • Series OR Stand-alones? —— both
  • Classics OR best-sellers? —— both
  • Lurid, fruity prose OR straight-forward, basic prose? —— depends on the book
  • Plots OR Stream-of-Consciousness? —— plots
  • Long books OR Short?—— medium I suppose. 300-500 pages is a good length. but if it’s a good book, it doesn’t matter really
  • Illustrated OR Non-illustrated? —— no preference
  • Borrowed OR Owned? —— depends on the book
  • New OR Used? —— no preference