abbotsford1 Sometime last week I decided I really wanted to make it to one of the Farmers Markets happening all over the Lower Mainland. I knew I was going to be at the camp for the weekend, so when I found one in Abbotsford (about 20 minutes away from camp) I was really excited. I started looking around the Abbotsford Farmer’s Market website and discovered that this weekend was also the Abbotsford Berrybeats Festival. Well we had to check both out because they were right beside each other!

abbotsford2 My goal at the Farmers Market was to get some fresh, local produce. Unfortunately the strawberries are nearly out of season, but maybe we’ll go strawberry picking next weekend. I got some lovely organic raspberries (about 1lb for $4) and some delicious organic cherries for the same price. I am so excited about cherry season!

And we’re having perfect weather for the blackberries, which I’m very excited about. Camp has so many blackberry bushes that I can just go out and pick ice cream buckets full for my own use. Normally I make pie or some sort of pastry… and lots of it. But this year my friend has offered to make me jam! Speaking of jam I got some delicious strawberry-rhubarb jam at the Farmer’s Market!


Then we wandered the Berrybeats festival, which had lots of different vendors and things to do for the family. There was panning for gold, bouncy castles galore, shopping up the ying yang, and tons of people!