trees-garterstitchOn Tuesday I met Chelle (and her new guide Faye) for a bit of knitting at Tree’s Coffee. I had to prove that I have actually knit, so here are the lovely seven rows of garter stitch that I did while chatting.

As you can tell, I’m a.) a slow knitter; and b.) more chatty than knitty. Hahha and many thanks to Chelle who actually brought some yarn and needles for me as I forgot to bring mine to work on Tuesday.

paint-bathroomToday I did have plans to complete a half-finished washcloth I worked on last time I saw Chelle at the beginning of May… but I ended up painting my bathroom instead! Yay “Sonoma” blue!

Henry watched the brush go uuuup and down…. up and down… up and down. I should have taken a video it was so funny! (Does this count as Whiskers on Wednesday?)