Today was officially Car Free Day Vancouver. It is celebrated in several communities in Vancouver by shutting down the streets to motor traffic and basically having a great big block party. There is music, food, entertainment, bicycling, demonstrations, and various vendors.

The Main Street festival is only six blocks from my new apartment, so we walked over to check it out. I took a lot of photos and even ran out of memory on my camera taking videos!


carfreeday02 carfreeday08



Many vendors selling crafts, eco-products, and the local shopkeepers!

Great photo of the crowds. (View from 16th Avenue towards 12th Avenue)

Don’t forget an artsy shot! I love the bubble machine outside The Toy Company.

And lots of entertainment:


Above: marching/music, skateboarding, street performer in chains, checkers!
Below: more music, Tai chi in the street, street hockey, and chalk art!


It was a gorgeous day and I’m very glad we made it out! Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend too.